Zagreb 1959 Series Staunton Ebonised Boxwood 3.50" Chess Pieces With Storage Box


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Chess Pieces Includes:
  • Chess Pieces Ebonised: 16
  • Chess Pieces Boxwood: 16
  • King Height: 8.9 cm(3.50″), King Base: 1.3 cm(1.3″) King Weight: 44 g
  • Pawn Height: 4.3 cm(1.7″), Pawn Base: 2.5 cm(1″), Pawn Weight: 16 g.
  • Storage Box Size: 24 cm x 15 cm x 8.5 cm.
  • Suitable Board Square Size: 5 cm to 5.5 cm
Total Weight:
  • 2 KG

Product Info

The Zagreb Chess Pieces common called the Zagreb 1959 Series after the world championship tournament held in Zagreb, Croatia in the year 1959. This particular design of chess pieces stands out significantly in comparison to other staunton chess pieces. In particular the top portion of the 3 main pieces, king, queen and bishop holding the opposition colour. The knight quite visible, well carved with strokes across it’s vertebrae and almost bowing downwards. This particular piece almost shows a design relating to other Russian chess piece designs. These Pieces are carefully handicrafted by skilled artisans based in Amritsar India. Each Pieces has been carved from blocks of specified wood to satisfy the details and designs of each particular chess piece.

We also include a wonderfully veneered chess piece storage box, made from walnut wood. The storage box is large and compatible enough to store pieces as small as 3 Inch to as large as 4 Inch. The storage box is also padded and coated in black velvet felt to prevent any damage to your chess pieces.


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