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Chess Sets

Our chess boards and chess poeces have been carefully selected from a range of different countries to ensure that you have a vast collection of quality sets to choose from. We stock a range of different chess sets from classic to luxury that ensure we meet your budget. Our team have carefully taken time out to make sure the chess pieces we have chosen for each and every chess boards are perfectly matching, these also include a storage box to keep your pieces safe. If you are after a quality chess set and want perfect value for money, rest assured you have come to the correct destinstion. Althought we have a whole host of different chess sets with a wonderful selection of chosen styles, we have make sure this has not compromised on the quality and the standard of chess set you receive. These products have been acquired from the most highly skilled artisans and suppliers to ensure we meet these quality control standards. We hope you enjoy surfing through the vast range of different styles and feel free to pop up via our live chat feature for any questions you may have.

Classic Range

These chess sets are particularly for those who would like to alternate between the game of chess and backgammon together. We have combined a large number of boards with a vast number of different designs to accompany ashwood chess pieces. These boards are surfaced with an overlay design but carefully manufactured and finished with an elegant gloss.

Original Range

These wooden board boards and wooden chess sets enable you to travel and play simultaneously. The board itself is compatible to store the piece to play while on the go. Considering it is important to have a good and well built chess board to include the chess pieces, we have made sure that our travel chess sets enable you store the pieces in the compartments provided. These chess boards and chess pieces are handcarved and each piece is insetted by hand with our skilled artisans based in Amritsar India. These chess sets take weeks of preparations to enable to quality of the wood meets your expectations. We then ensure that once the handiwork has been completed, the set gets a smooth polish.

Premium Range

We stock a large number of middle eastern and turkish hand carved chess sets with carefully selected staunton chess pieces. These chess sets are hand carved with mother of pearl insets by our manufacturers based in turkey. No doubt that wood is the most popular of materials and with these chess sets we stock a vast range of solid ebony and walnut chess boards that accompany a range of staunton chess pieces. We have ensured the woods we have chosen for you are amongst the rare and most valuable to find in the world and made sure these are perfectly compatible for the staunton chess pieces we have.

Metal Range

Our carefully selected range of metal chess sets are available in a range of different sizes. These chess sets are made in Greece and take a significant amount of time to perfect and manufacture, including it’s very own chessmen. The main theme we have aligned ourselves has been the Roman Emporer, this proving to be the most popular with our buyers. Each piece has been designed and sculpted by hand with great attention to detail. These chess pieces are made with a zinc and nickle alloy to ensure it’s longevity and prevent and longterm wear. Each piece is padded with black felt to allow easy manoverability on your metal chess board.

Executive Range

Last but not least, our new tournament chess range. You may wonder what the size or what a tournament chess set may look like? A tournament chess set will include a 20 inch chess board with 3 and 3/4 inch chess pieces. These chess sets will come in different shapes and colours but will tend to maintain this size. We feel it is also important to talk about the square size of each board, where the playing field needs to be adequate for a good game of chess. The square size for a tournament chess set should be between 2 and 2.5 inches to suit the 3 and 3/4 sized chessmen. We have ensured the vast range of chess boards are perfectly compatible to suit this tournament size and to allow you to replicate your very own chess tournament at home!