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A wooden chess board veneered with inlaid squares. The darker squares made from Olive and lighter squares constructed from Maple. This would make a wonderful Chess Board for your Chess Pieces. A very high quality board made in Spain that can provide many years of use. The board accompanied weighted Sheesham French Knight chess pieces. These pieces are handcrafted in India by highly skilled craftsmen and a finished gloss to complete a stunning set. This design originates from France with the darker pieces Sheesham and lighted pieces made from natural boxwood.

Executive Wooden Chess Set Olive Board 18" Weighted French Knight pieces 18"

£179.99 Regular Price
£161.99Sale Price
  • Included:
    • Chess Board
    • Chess Pieces Sheesham: 16
    • Chess Pieces Boxwood: 16
    • Storage box
    • Board Size: 45 cm(17.7") x 45 cm(17.7") x 1.3 cm(0.5"), 
    • Square Size: 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm.
    • King Height: 8.26 cm(3.25"), King Base: 3.18 cm(1.25") King Weight: 34 g,
    • Pawn Height: 4.3 cm(1.7"), Pawn Base: 2.29 cm(0.9"), Pawn Weight: 13 g.
    • Storage Box Size: 24 cm x 15 cm x 8.5 cm.
    Total Weight:  4.7 KG