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A Warm Welcome from Chessgammon

Chessgammon is the number one online traditional board games store, specialising in both chess and backgammon store. We specialise in quality chess sets and backgammon sets with a luxury feel at a very reasonable price. Each of our wonderful sets have been analysed to offer the best best price for the products we have available, care and time has been taken to continually enhance our popular products year after year to you have the best price. We are based in the United Kingdom but have a vast experience in supplying our wonderful products to a vast number of customers across the world. The luxury chess shop supplying both high quality backgammon sets and chess sets for very reasonable and affordable prices.

Choose from a wide list of many products available for quick and secure delivery. We also offer international delivery at very reasonable price. Our list of products are dispatched on a time period of one day and involve metal and staunton wooden chess sets along with our wonderfully crafted leather and solid wood backgammon boards available in various size,colours and design. We completely understand the standard of products required to ensure we fulfill your requirements, each of our chess set and backgammon sets is only exclusive to Chessgammon and can only be purchased from one of our many platforms. 

Mosaic design backgammon set inlaid wooden
Premium Range Backgammon
ancient design backgammon set foldable large
Classic Range Backgammon
leather green backgammon set case with red and white backgammon pieces
Leather Range Backgammon
large backgammon and checkers foldable set solid wood
Luxury Range Backgammon
foldable chess set with wooden backgammon game inside
Original Range Backgammon
green metal roman empire chess set with brass and nickel pieces
Metal Range Chess Sets
patterned foldable 2 in 1 chess and backgammon set wiht wooden chessmen
Classic Range Chess Sets
palisander large chess board with ebonised chessmen
Executive Range Chess Sets
footed walnut large chess board with sheesham chess pieces
Premium Range Chess Sets
sheesham wood 2 in 1 chess and backgammons set
Original Range Chess Sets
wooden large chess board with ebonised black chessmen
Chess Pieces
large footed chess board rosewood mother of pearl
Premium Range Chess Board
large black charcoal ebony chess board
Executive Range Chess Board
backgammon pieces acrylic black and white
black and white backgammon dices

We initially started as a small family business, selling single products on eBay to make some earnings. Soon this grew even bigger to other selling sites such as amazon and etsy, we gained a large following and began expanding our variety and stock, building a familiar, respected and reliable brand, Chessgammon. We are indeed thriving on providing exceptional customer service with a fantastic reputation to be the premier chess company providing a range of quality chess set and a range of backgammon sets that are exclusive to Chessgammon. Our products are carefully selected and quite unique from all around the world, with the finest quality and in brand new condition. Delivery options and payment methods generous and flexible.

Browse through our product gallery and enjoy the experience shopping with Chessgammon for yourself. Why not play with a lovely game supplied to you by Chessgammon? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or gift recommendations. We have pieced together some of the finest combination chess sets with the greatest staunton chessmen designs. We are more than happy to recommend any specific products based on your need and requirement. Each and every one of our products has been selected to last many games of fun and made to last without regret. Remember we offer swift payment methods, Free UK Shipping in the United Kingdom and expect a 24 hour dispatch time. We expect your parcel with you within 72 hours upon your order!

Chess set

Chessgammon provide the highest quality and perfectly hand crafted chess sets put together with elegant chess boards and wooden staunton chessmen carved from solid blocks. Each staunton chess set has been put together by our team. The chess boards and pieces forming the chess set, including a storage box with all of our chess set collections. Our chess sets come from across the globe, ready to be dispatched within one business day and now offering a 48 hour free delivery service. Our wooden chess sets are carefully picked to allow the perfect combination to be selected. Our lovely range of chess sets will allow you to play a wonderful and seamless game having picked from such a large collection.

Our Chess sets are amongst the best in design and stature in the United Kingdom, if not even across Europe. These chess sets have a primary focus and this primary focus is the calibre of the chess set we have on display. Understanding how difficult it can certainly be to find and the right type of chess, we have made sure that each chess set includes a storage box along with an instruction booklet, providing you with all the information required. Each and every chess set has components from across the globe, Our chess pieces have been handpicked from the best suppliers in Amritsar India that include the staunton design, with a combination of some the best boards from Spain and Turkey.

Backgammon Set

We have a perfect selected of wooden backgammon boards with backgammon pieces. These fabulous backgammon boards are handmade from our suppliers. These boards include mother pearl scores and inlays with walnut and sheesham wood. Our Backgammon games come with a variety of different designs and styles, not to forget each complete set comes with it’s own doubling dice and backgammon chips. Each of our Backgammon sets within our collection includes an the perfect number of dices, not to forget the free doubling cube we ensure is included allowing you get the stakes higher. We also include out very own instruction booket to provide any necessary direction for a backgammon starter. Feel free browsing from our collection. 

 Each and every backgammon set is inspected to ensure we meet your expectations. Although we have a huge range of the type of backgammon board available, each of our backgammon sets has been carefully selected, of which some have also been exclusive designs to us more specifically. We have ensured each and every backgammon board we send out includes an instruction booklet designed to kick starts a beginner. Our backgammon boards include a beautiful set of high quality chips and dice, as we would expect for our complete backgammon sets.

Chess Board

Chessgammon has put together an excellent catalogue of quality chess boards with inlaid mother of pearls and veneered insets. This vast variety only includes the most finely finished, long lasting and durable playing boards with a list of different sizes and smooth playing surface. Our customers love this wide variety and this is clearly translated in our customer feedback and reviews we get from our extremely satisfied customers. We have further added to our existing collection of many products with exquisitely handmade mother of pearl solid wood chess boards and have included this in our fantastic premium range of chess sets. Chessgammon has sourced these wonderful products from across the world all ready for you to make yours with a couple of clicks to browse through our products. All of our chess board products include the full measurement of square sizes to allow you to purchase the right pieces to make you customised chess set. Where ever you may have questions with regards to the size of pieces each board matches, our team have ensured each and every one of our chess boards has it’s recommendable size of chessmen included.

Staunton handmade Chess Pieces

We have a popular selection of tournament staunton weighted chess pieces. The featured list of staunton chess pieces available in our products list include various sizes that come with their own chess box. Our beautifully crafted intricate chess pieces are available in the favoured 3.75 inch size, allowing you to match your chosen board at a very competitive price and complete your customised chess set. Each chess piece from our fantastic section of staunton chess pieces is weighted and handcarved by skilled artisans based in Amritsar India. These skilled artisans have developed their craft across a number of years to carve these pieces with the intricacy, detailed consistency and quality across all of our designs. We have handpicked none but the highest quality chessmen designs and we will strive to introduce new and antique pieces. Each set come with two King and four Queens to ensure you have the right number of pieces, each size is allocated by the size of the King. Our most common sizes include the 3.75 Inch and 3.00 Inch designs in our staunton collection,we also understand the need for these sets to be kept safe and therefore we include classy storage box to hold your chess pieces safe. These chess pieces are available with a cost free delivery to your chosen destination in the United Kingdom.