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 A Warm Welcome From Chessgammon:

Chessgammon is the leading online chess and backgammon store. We specialise in offering you most high quality 2 player games like chess sets, chess boards and backgammon sets with a luxury quality at a very reasonable price. We specialise strictly in Chess and Backgammon based in the United Kingdom. Choose from a wide list of products available for quick and secure delivery. We also offer international shipping at very reasonable price. Our list of products are dispatched on a time period of 24 hours Our products involve metal and staunton wooden chess sets along with our well crafted leather and solid wood backgammon boards available in various size,colours and design.

Chessgammon provides a quality chess set and backgammon set at very reasonable price. The chess sets come with a smooth surface to play on along with the backgammon set. These beautifully crafted chess sets that you can follow on our list of exclusive products available in our stock available with great value for money and at very reasonable prices. Our reviews really do translate to the level of quality pieces that we have on offer, we also offer a very high level of service and all payments accepted in sterling gbp. Our vast number of various review for our backgammon pieces and backgammon board allow you to play a wonderful game. Chessgammon also has dispatches within 1 day of purchase on any business day allowing you to receive your order very quickly. We are the number one chess and backgammon set provider in the UK. Our vast experience in dealing with many products a large portion of the world. Our live chat gives you the chance to get in touch with us at any point during the day and you can also submit your email or leave a phone number and our team members will get in touch with you instantly. Any chess set and backgammon set from chessgammon will be the best available in the united kingdom as these chess set and backgammon set have the best quality. save and come and experience the quality chessgammon has to offer!

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Marble Range Chess

Premium Range Chess

Original Range Chess

Metal Range Chess

Executive Range Chess

Chessgammon has a very wide range of chess and backgammon sets with great value for money. Our chess set come with a king and queen and these are particularly hand picked in our list of products available in the menu. Chessgammon uses trustpilot for the customer to leave reviews and the quality of reviews we get is reflective of the product that we have. Our very easy and excellent website allows you to select our vast range of chess and backgammon sets that we recommend. Our excellent backgammon sets include travel and regular sizes. In order to shop for one of our product on offer, simply select that add to basket button to allow you to add to cart and receive your chess set and backgammon set in a matter of days. Search though our new search engine to allow you to find the right chess board or backgammon board for you and this including our accessories. We have a vast number of offers across the year. We at Chessgammon add a great selection of chess set with staunton chess set that allows you play a wonderful 2 players game. Save a great level from out list of chess sets and backgammon available in our stock. Our stock are perfectly available on gift during the festive periods and shipping available to the uk and shipping available around the world. our chess set and staunton chess set have a brilliant reviews at an excellent price and play chess on a brilliant piece. 

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Chess Board

Backgammon set and backgammon board and backgammon pieces for sale with wooden backgammon board and wooden backgammon pieces with wooden backgammon set for sale and to available to purchase

chess sets and chess boards with chess pieces, wooden chess boards and  different size and style wooden chess pieces with metal chessmen and metal chess board available to buy and to purchase

chess set and backgammon set and backgammon board and chess board and chess pieces and backgammon pieces to shop and buy with paypal accepted

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About us

How We Got Here

We initially started as a small family business, selling single products on eBay to make some earnings. Soon this grew even bigger to other selling sites such as amazon and etsy, we gained a large following and began expanding our variety and stock building a familiar, respected and reliable brand, Chessgammon.


Our collections are carefully selected and quite unique. Our products are from all around the world of the finest quality and condition. Delivery options and payment methods generous and flexible. Browse through our product gallery and enjoy the experience shopping with Chessgammon for yourself. Why not play with a beautiful game supplied to you by Chessgammon? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or gift recommendations.

Chess Set

Chessgammon provide with perfectly hand crafted chess sets put together with elegant chess boards and wooden staunton chess pieces. These wonderfully sets put together by our team are provided with a storage box. Our chess sets come from across the globe, ready to be dispatched within 1 business day. Our high quality wooden chess sets are carefully picked to allow the perfect combination to be selected. Our beautiful range will allow you to play and wonderful and seamless game of chess. A wonderful set can also be used as a gift for friend, family member or a colleague.

Backgammon Set

We have a perfect selected of wooden backgammon boards with backgammon pieces. These fabulous backgammon sets are handmade from our suppliers. These boards include mother pearl scores and inlays with walnut and sheesham wood. Our Backgammon games come with a variety of different designs and styles, not to forget each complete set comes with it's own doubling dice and backgammon chips. Feel free browsing from our collection.

Chess Board

Chessgammon has put together an excellent catalogue of quality chess boards with inlaid mother of pearls and veneered insets. This vast variety only includes the most well finished, longlasting and durable playing boards with a list of different sizes and smooth playing surface. Our customers love this wide variety and this is clearly translated in our customer feedback and reviews. Chessgammon has sourced these wonderful products from across the world all ready for you to make yours with a couple of clicks and not to forget these are available at a very competitive price.

Chess Pieces

We have a popular selection of tournament staunton weighted chess pieces. The featured list of staunton chess pieces available in various sizes that come with their own chess box. Our beautifully crafted intricate chess pieces are available in the favoured 3.75 inch size, allowing you to match your chosen board at very competitive prices.