We have recently added in a brand new personalisation service for our customers, our personalised solid brass plates are self adhesive and deeply carved.
We have chosen a good variety of monotype graphic fonts that are uniquely designed for a multiple lined carving.
The plates we provide have a strong self adhesive back that can be peeled off and stuck on wherever you prefer on your set.
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Backgammon Set

Our backgammon set range involves a high quality collection of various different classic designs from around the world to choose from. We at Chessgammon work alongside some of the well known manufacturers, from championship size as well as travel size, we have all that you require. These fine sets are well equipped with backgammon pieces, dice shakers and a full set of dices, this also includes the doubling cube. Some backgammon sets found in our collection are completely handmade by skilled artisans, specially those in the luxury and original range. The original range backgammon sets are finished by skilled craftsmen in Amritsar India, combination of rosewood, sheesham and boxwood is used. The luxury range backgammon boards are crafted from Ebony wood, Rosewood and Walnut wood. 

A thin layer of varnish is applied to produce a smooth playing field, allowing you to transition the pieces from point to point during your game. The backgammon board surface itself can be very difficult to design, especially taking into account the size of the backgammon pieces. We ensure our specifications are set with various game manufacturers to ensure you the customer is always satisfied. Each backgammon set also leaves our warehouse having been completely inspected for damages and any blemishes, we understand the backgammon board has to withstand many backgammon games and therefore our team hand inspect each and every piece. Players will also find an instruction booklet included on how to play the game of backgammon

open backgammon board ebony

UK’s most recognised and well established retailer of fine quality backgammon sets and the largest collections of chess sets. Our beginning selling old refurbished chess and backgammon boards has definitely given us a vast level of experience in providing our audience with some of the best quality sets at affordable prices.

The products available in stock are readily dispatching within a period of 24 hours from our warehouse based in Leicester, United Kingdom. Our team is always on hand to assist via phone, live chat or even e-mail. We ofcourse welcome all enquires regarding the sale of a product or perhaps just advice.

We also welcome our customers to visit us in person before their purchase and we proud to show off our fine collection of handmade chess sets or even our championship sized backgammon sets from respected brand names. Our selection include all that you may be seeking as an enthusiast of backgammon or maybe a chess fanatic, all visible on display. Our team will welcome you first hand on your visit, simply give us a call and arrange for an appointment. We are based in Leicester, UK and will also be available in London in future.

king bridal chess pieces ebonised

We are a family owned business who primarily started refurbishing old backgammon sets and various chess sets, we started to realise the number of customers requesting for branded and well recognised board games, which has resulted in us investing in our very own platforms, away from eBay, Amazon and Etsy. Browse through our categories, feel free to contact us should there be any questions you may have on any range of chess or backgammon.

Browse through our product categories and enjoy the shopping experience with Chessgammon for yourself. Why not play with a lovely game supplied to you by Chessgammon? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, queries or gift requests. We have pieced together some of the finest combination chess sets with the greatest Staunton chessmen and Isle of Lewis designs. We are more than happy to recommend any specific products based on your need and requirement. Each and every one of our products has been selected to last endless games of fun and laughter with your family. Remember we offer swift payment methods, Free UK Shipping in the United Kingdom and expect a 24 hour dispatch time. We aim to get your parcel with you within 72 hours upon your order!

inside red oak backgammon set inside

finest staunton Chess set

Along with our backgammon set collection, we also offer a wonderful range of Staunton chess pieces to select from in both the reduced 3 Inch size and the tournament standard of 3.75 Inch, The high quality chessmen are crafted completely by hand from solid wood by skilled artisans based in Amritsar India, Sure to give you many games. The history stems from a well known chess player himself in Howard Staunton. We understand a number of enthusiasts expect the standard of our chessmen to be second to none, therefore we at Chessgammon introduce only the exceptional designs.

Our Chess sets are amongst the best in design and stature in the United Kingdom, if not even across Europe. These chess sets have a primary focus and this primary focus is the calibre of the chess set we have on display. Understanding how difficult it can certainly be to find the right type of chess set, we have made sure that each chess set includes a storage box along with an instruction booklet, providing you with all the information required. Each and every chess set has components from across the globe, Our chess pieces have been handpicked from the best suppliers in Amritsar, India and include the well renowned Staunton design, with a combination of some the best boards from Spain and Turkey.

king bridal chess pieces ebonised


Our chess boards come in some of the well known classic designs of Mahogany and Walnut. We work alongside Rechapados Ferrer to provide high quality veneered wooden chess board styles. Our site also includes a large line of Helena chess board that come with a wooden stand, elevated and a smooth surface inlaid with mother of pearls. Great value for money to accompany your Staunton chessmen giving you many years of fun. Ofcourse we all know how important a well made board is, we ensure our chess boards are durable, tough and long-lasting.

black and maple chess board corner

Chess & Backgammon Set Combinations

We have recently added to our line of products by introducing our exquisite backgammon sets with an exterior surface as a chess set. We have taken on feedback from various individuals and are now offering the finest quality Staunton chessmen in the 3 inch designs with our backgammon sets and sell them together. This selection primarily involves the luxury Helena range backgammon sets, a well recognised eastern European brand in manufacturing some of most superior quality board games. 

The exterior surface is incredibly smooth to be played on top of inlaid mother of pearls, the interior comes with an inlay of walnut and rosewood, we include backgammon pieces to match the surface of the playing field. The chess and backgammon set also comes with a full set of regular dice and furthermore we provide a doubling dice in order for you to double the stakes. The doubling dice itself can be hard to find in a large portion of European variants, where they play without this vital piece.

Helena Rural Ebony Chess & Backgammon Set 20 Inch With Ebonised German Staunton Chess Pieces 3 Inch

Largest Range Of Chess Sets In Europe

We pride in the vast range of handmade and heavy wood chess sets, we do not only specialise in backgammon sets and backgammon boards, we also work alongside the finest crafters of complete chess set combination, this including chess pieces, chess board and chess storage box. The components of these wonderful chess sets come from far and wide, our team based in the UK have gone out their way to procure and make the best chess sets available. These chess sets are also found across the globe in world chess tournaments, played with by none other than the grandmasters of the games. 

ebonised classic staunton chess pieces with black chess board and black chess box