Backgammon Board Classic Range

Our classic range backgammon boards are crafted in istanbul turkey, the hub of eastern backgammon. Chessgammon has sourced these wonderful eastern backgammon boards and transitioned these exquisite sets into western championship playing boards. These boards all come with a unique overlay designs. Our backgammon boards are individually inspected by hand, any mark,scratch or defect is visualised before any board is being sent out from us. When quality inspection comes into question, we will be the first to admit,our product quality is second to none. These particular backgammon board made in turkey include a set of 4 regular dices and 1 doubling cube included in a soft velvet pouch. We also ensure all of our backgammon sets include an instruction booklet to allow the set to be presented as gift. This particular range of backgammon boards are most popular under the travel backgammon set category. The classic range of backgammon are famously known for the their 20″ backgammon size, we at Chessgammon have been the leading suppliers in restaurants, bars and sheesha bars for recreation use. Our popular backgammon boards are perfectly affordable for many years of use available with both acrylic and wooden backgammon pieces. Our backgammon pieces included within these sets have an indented circle called a dimple within the piece. This allows the player to easily move the piece sidways and vertically across the backgammon board, without needing to remove the piece off the board. We are always on hand for any further questions or queries you may have with our vast selection of backgammon boards, please do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat feature and speak to a member of the team. Alternatiely you may contact us via phone or even email.

Backgammon Board Designs

Our classic range collection of backgammon boards has vast array of designs, we have the most popular of design available in the mosaic mother of pearl and a very unique walnut wood overlay. These particular boards are crafted with a template of the sides initially. The top and the bottom portion of the backgammon board are crafted seperately. This part of the board involves carefully imprinting an overlay design across the surface. The sides and the faces of the backgammon boards are then brought together with tough and durable wooden blue. These boards are smooth with no signs of bolts or screws visible, afterall a stunning backgammon board should certainly show the correct finish. These boards, once complete of glossed down individally and a smooth polish is applied to the board.

Our Promsie

We promsie to fulfill our duties as one of the largest backgammon stores on the net. We will always ensure the highest quality product and will be prepared to resolve any situation. Our team is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week to take an respond to your queries. Our target response time is to respond to you within the hour as we trully have absolute manic days here at our store.