Chess Boards

At Chessgammon we have such a wide range of chess boards available ready for you to purchase from our warehouse. We stock a vast number of styles and sizes and we accommodate for many different budgets. our premium range of chess boards are made in the middle east. These particular chess boards are carefully carved by our skilled artisans, taking their time to perfect these chess boards and with each piece the texture completely differs. Each board is handcrafted and this quite visible with the texture of the range of scores and designs noted on the board. A large portion of the boards visible in this part of the selection are engraved with mother of pearl scores and designs. Each piece of mother of pearl and the many small pieces of rosewood, walnut-wood and ebony-wood are hand inset, this all takes a significant period of time to craft. Some of our boards also have a walnut wood stand, giving the chess board a slight lift and giving the chess board a significant feel good factor in-comparison to a standard chess board. Each Chess board sold by Chessgammon is made with extremely high quality and each board has many years of durability.

We stock a varied range of different sizes, from as small as 13″ to as large as 21″ tournament chess board, carved with mother of pearl insets that also meet the exact specification to allow chessmen as large as 4″ to be placed on the chess board. We completely understand all our customers will come to shop with a different budget and we have boards to cater for any budget. Chessgammon stocks a range of chess boards from Spain, Poland, Middle East, Turkey as well as India. All these board with stunning designs and textures that are not available anywhere else, not to forget the range of different wood boards we stock.

Wooden Chess Board

Wood is indeed the most popular material used whilst crafting chess boards, both veneered and handmade for many hundred years. Wood is the primary choice based on the range of different natural woods available, both solid wood and different veneers and it’s perfect characteristics of the material being long lasting and certainly as durable as it is.

Mother of Pearl

The term mother of pearl describes the shell used the often shines when a chess board is held at a particular handle or under certain shades of lighting. This piece of material is and organic-inorganic composite produced on the inner linings of shells found on the seabed. There is a common misconception of this particular material being brittle, however this is quite the opposite, mother f pearl is actually a very strong and resilient piece of material. Often this material is used in luxury items such as jewellery, chess sets as well as furniture. This piece of material again can take a large period of time to prepare and each piece has to be cut with precision to inset and set by hand into each and every individual chess board. The mother of pearl often signifies an item of high value and therefore is used as show of a luxury product to increase it’s value.

Our Promise

We promise to fulfill our duties as one of the largest chess stores on the net. We will always ensure the highest quality product and will be prepared to resolve any situation. Our team is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week to take an respond to your queries. Our target response time is to respond to you within the hour as we truly have absolute manic days here at our store. At Chessgammon we ensure all our chess sets are completed to the highest degree and given in a complete manner.