Wooden chess board

wooden chess boards

This range includes our finest quality wooden chess boards. The chess boards are hand crafted using solid wood and raw high quality materials. The chess boards are manufactured by a company called Helena Arts in Turkey.

The wooden boards are made from one of three main wood types; ebony wood, walnut wood or rosewood which is a similar colour to mahogany. Because of the authenticity and solidity of these boards, they are extremely durable and quite heavy. They’re not the type of board you can carry around with but rather a prized posession or a fixed chess set at home that you can enjoy in the evenings after work or show off at chess club.

They are a very traditional style, especially the board that does not have mother of pearl inlay. The chess sets with the mother of pearl add a little more bling to the chess board, they look stunning, extremely beautiful. The boards genuinely look even better in person b Wecause of the beauty of the genuine mothe rof pearl inlay and maple contrast.

These high quality boards are much more valuable because mother of pearl is a composite that is quite hard to obtain and is only utilised in minimal quantities, in our case just the square of the board. Our supplier have produced these boards exactly to our liking and ensure the finest materials.

The boards are either tournament size 20″ championship wooden chess sets or they come in a smaller 17″ size. They are paired with 3.75″ and 3″ pieces, respectively. We stock only the most popular styles and designs in our chess sets utilising what our customers prefer.

We stock a huge chess board variety and have numerous categories of different chess sets and style variation. Most of our wooden chess sets and chess pieces are paired together because of how stunning they truly look.

We also pair our rosewood or mahogany wood boards with a storage box and pieces that work very well together. However, these chess boards will pair well with absolutely any kind of pieces you may have- we have trialled and tested board materials. Wood always works well with wood however metal and resin pieces look fantastic aswell considering the quality.

These specific chess boards are more simplistic than certain ranges we have on our site. This is because the style of these chess boards is in the quality itself, they are the thickest chess boards we stock. The entirety of the chess board is made from solid wood aside from certain square which have been inlaid with mother of pearl. Chess play on a board like this is far superior to any of the budget chess boards or a phone game.

Fill your living rooms with something extravagent, show off at chess club or display in your dining room! It’s entirely up to you but we can promise they will not dissapoint.

Chess sets

We pair our Helena range chess sets with a great variety of solid wooden chess pieces. These chess pieces are carved from blocks of solid sheesham and boxwood by skilled artisans that have trained for years to acquire such accuracy and expertise. Particularly the knight piece can take up to 3 days to carve alone and 1 entire set can take months.

These chess pieces are then weighted using a small weight that is placed within each piece, and this allows the chessmen to stand stable on the chess board, reducing the chances of them toppling over. They are also lined with green felt at the bottom so that they slide over the chess boards without causing any scratches or damage.

If you are interested in buying an entire tournament chess set then please have a look at our chess sets range on our website where there will be further details. We live in a day and age where chess can easily be played on your phone or from the comfort of your own homes miles away but those phone chess players will never understand the true thrill of playing the games face to face on a solid wood chess board.

How important is a chess board?

The Helena chess boards actually come in mother of pearl or just the standard boxwood and they also come with or without a stand. Quite frankly, the chess board is a huge factor in how the set will look. Pieces are intricately carved but look very similar, it is in essence the chess board that brings everything together and really makes the set outstanding. We have other categories of chess boards as well however this is our highest quality selection. Why not play in luxury and royalty, after all chess was a game played by emporers and kings.

These chess boards also have very subtle small designs surrounding the border of the chess board which add to its beauty. This range is definitely a customer favourite, we tend to sell out very fast. The chess play on these chess boards is incredible, swift movements with comefort and ease, nice and heavy chess pieces allow them to move in a stern and calculated manner. The features and material of this particular type of chess board is unmatched by any of our other ranges.

Our Promise to You

Although we predominantly specialise in products in our online chess store, we also invite our customers to come and visit our warehouse to view our chess sets first hand. We are sure you will indeed not forget a chess set from Chessgammon whilst you play chess. We are the leading chess and backgammon site in england, our site features a range of single and 2 in 1 backgammon and chess sets at a very reasonable price.

Delivery & Returns Assurance

We have also offered a free UK fast shipping on all of our products with the option for a free 30 day, no quibble no fuss returns guarantee. We ship items after a 1 day dispatch time to ensure quick and speedy shipping We ensure each and every chess board that gets sent directly from our warehouse is checked one by one to make sure the set you play with has no defects to provide you years of good fun. Whether you’re in italy, india, poland or the USA have no fear because we can ship to you no matter where you!

We also are happy for the purchases to be collected in person to ensure customers recieve exactly as they expect. Just simply provide us with a date and time of day where you would like to pop in via email and we will respond to you as soon as possible in our working office hours. We have a wonderful pieces and board display which will be different from analysing the sets from a web page. So if you are in the uk, why not save on the shipping and visit us on your chosen date!


We at Chessgammon are proud of our many years and years of experience with chess sets, we indeed regards ourselves as professionals in the traditional games of chess and backgammon. To acquire such products and dealing with a vast network of our suppliers from around the globe, these years of experience certainly come in hand. What this means for our customers is that they will receive a product with very high quality at very affordable and cheap prices.

We ensure that the suppliers that produce our chess boards are reputable manufacturers that use raw material, appealing colours and popular designs. We speak to these suppliers directly to provide guidance on exactly how our customers want their sets. We are happy to learn from any feedback you may have for us!

A chess set makes a huge impact on the chess match, it can be a laugh or it can be a very intense battle full of suspense and thrill. chess sets in the tournaments are much larger like the chess sets we have on this page.

These sets will give you a thrilling and intense game however the slightly smaller chess sets like an economy range or orginal range chess set won’t be as thrilling to play with. This type of chess set instead is good for beginners or those who travel a lot and would like a small portable chess set they can travel around with.


Certainly at Chessgammon we part take in a large sale towards the end of the year to ensure you the customer can make ideal use during the festive seasons of black friday, cyber monday and in preperation for Christmas.

The sale is across all of our products of chess and backgammon including the accessories to make sure you have the right gifts for your friends and rest of your family. So search through our pages and land yourself an absolute bargain price! The price on our site is an exclusive price for our customers only. So what are you waiting for? Add a lovely chess board to your cart and checkout before someone else does! We accept, visa, mastercard, American express and Paypal.