Wooden Chess Board

A chess set is never complete with the correct board and chessmen to match. Each chess set in our range uses these fantastic board, often chess sets are preferred to separate boards and pieces alone.

At Chessgammon we have such a wide range of wooden chess board available ready for you to purchase from our warehouse. We stock a vast number of styles and sizes and we accommodate for many different budgets. our premium range of  boards are made in the middle east.

These particular wooden chess boards are carefully carved by our skilled artisans, taking their time to perfect these chess boards and with each piece the texture completely differs. Each board is handcrafted and this is quite visible with the texture of the range of scores and designs noted on the board. These ofcourse make the perfect completion for your chess sets, ensuring these chess sets have a longlisting life.

A large portion of the boards visible in this part of the selection are engraved with mother of pearl scores and designs. Each piece of mother of pearl and the many small pieces of rosewood, walnut-wood and ebony-wood are hand inset, this all takes a significant period of time to craft. Some of our boards also have a walnut wood stand, giving the boards a slight lift and giving the board a significant feel good factor in-comparison to a standard board.

Our range of Chess Boards Available at Chessgammon

We stock a varied range of different sizes, from as small as 13″ to as large as 21″ tournament chess sets, carved with mother of pearl insets that also meet the exact specification to allow chessmen as large as 4″ to be placed on the chess sets. These sizes are ideal to complete your chess set, ofcourse depending on the sizes of chessmen available.

Mother of Pearl Insets & Handcrafted Chess Boards

The term mother of pearl describes the shell used the often shines when a wooden chess boards is held at a particular handle or under certain shades of lighting. This piece of material is and organic-inorganic composite produced on the inner linings of shells found on the seabed. There is a common misconception of this particular material being brittle, however this is quite the opposite, mother f pearl is actually a very strong and resilient piece of material.

Often this material is used in luxury items such as jewellery, chess sets as well as furniture. This piece of material again can take a large period of time to prepare and each piece has to be cut with precision to inset and set by hand into each and every individual wooden chess boards. The mother of pearl often signifies an item of high value and therefore is used as show of a luxury product to increase it’s value.

Suitable Chess Pieces for your Chess Boards

More significance should be placed onto the fantastic chessmen that actually complete these chess sets. These eastern European style boards are crafted with the intention to be played with metal chessmen to complete your chess set. However unfortunately the metal chessmen can cause slight damage to the chess boards surface and can certainly effect the solid wood quality of the board.  As mentioned above, each board is delicately crafted with time and precision and with the right coating to prevent wear and tear. The provides a longer life to each chess board, unfortunately and damage the board may sustain, this can have an effect on it’s wear and tear.

The polish applied over the top is relatively thick, however this prevents any movement of the squares that have been carefully laid out. Any damage to the polish can effect the qualities of the wood underneath and sure enough the board needs to be preserved to ensure it does not sustain damage. Our vast collection in the luxury range chess has a fantastic additional of staunton chess pieces. Each chess piece has been carefully crafted from solid blocks of wood. The famous and the more powerful chessmen have their own designs based on famous world chess tournaments from across the globe in the past. Each of these chess pieces is carefully crafted in Amritsar, India. Amritsar is the heart of craftsmanship of carefully handmade chessmen with detail given the each and every single chess piece. Each piece is also weighted with a weight of metal to ensure all the pieces have a consistent balance when playing incredibly fast and quick paced games. Each piece is also layered with a thin green velvet base to prevent any damage to the handcrafted chess boards.

Chess Board, Optimal Sizes for your Chess Pieces for Chess set completion

Chess championship tournaments will often use these flat boards as they are large with weighted pieces to allow a comfortable game of chess. However if you are on the go and would like a travel chess set, do not worry, we have a vast range available in our classic chess range and our original chess range. The chess boards will be more compatible and smaller in size to ensure they are not a hindrance to your journeys. They can also be a valid purchase for those constantly on the move and would like a set that can all be compact and can easily be carried around. Indeed we have a large variation of chess boards where pieces can be placed away in a draw just under the surface or be placed in a soft velvet pouch in a foldable chess board. Commonly the pieces found in these sets will not be weighted, due to the fact weighted pieces can mean further mass may be added onto your luggage. Finding the right board to match the chessmen is not the easiest task, specially considering the collection available, this is furthermore important as a complete chess set is sized correctly to ensure the chess set does not have too large pieces or to small of a board. The chess board should not only be the correct size but needs to have a feel good factor with the chess pieces to ensure you have a fantastic game of chess! A vast majority of collectors will know the exact type of board they are after with the more popular boards range from 20 – 22″ here in the United Kingdom.