Chess Boards

We have a vast range of chess board available to be dispatched instantly. Our chess boards originate with excellent quality and made by skilled professionals from Spain, Turkey and India. These chess boards are all made and inset by hand to ensure and qualify for the highest degree of excellence. These vast array of chess boards would be a perfect fit to just keep on display or to use with you recently acquired chessmen, perhaps to even gift to a chess enthisiast friend. We can completely understand that a perfect game of chess starts of with a smooth, yet well finished board and not to forget the longevity to last a good few 100 games. We have travelled far and wide to ensure we have the most elegant boards that not only look good, but are compatible for a whole host of different chess pieces.

Those in pursuit of a chess board compatible for their very own chessmen will know how difficult the hunt is to find the correct board. We can ensure you that we have a collection large enough to satisfy any chess piece. A general rule of thumb to prevent an overlap of any chess pieces beyond the square is roughly 75-80%, beyond this point the chess board is either too big or the chessmen are too large for that particular board. We at chessgammon are always on hand with our love chat feature, ready to assist you as and when you require us. After all, inquiring and making sure you have the correct board is the most important.

Finding the right board to match the chess pieces is not the easiest task, specially considering the collection available. The chess board should not only be the correct size but needs to have a feel good factor with the chess pieces to ensure you have a fantastic game of chess! A vast majority of collectors will know the exact type of board they are after with the more popular boards range from 20 – 22″. The simple reason why this size is important is because a tournament size of each square should be within an ideal 2 – 2.5″ to satisfy an easy calculation for the next move.


Executive Range Boards

Our executive range are primarily manufactured in spain. These hand veneered boards are pricesley cut to shape and hand checked, ensuring each board has the finest quality. These boards will be the most common to come across in the world specially in world championship chess tournaments.

Our wooden boards are made from from a whole host of different materials, this including mahogany,walnut, olive and ebony. These different designs would be a perfect fit for your chess pieces, after all there is little point in having a luxury set of chessmen and a basic chess board.

Luxury Range Chess Boards

Our luxury range of chess boards are handcarved and inset with highly skilled artisans in turkey. These boards primarily involve real mother of pearl insets in solid walnut, rosewood and ebonywood. These chess boards are particularly unique and unfortunately very hard to find and therefore we are the only chess retailer stocking a range of these unqiue pieces of handicraft. These middle eastern boards usually come with metal pieces, however our team have gone out their way to source compatible and matching wooden pieces to go along with these boards.

Quality Chess boards at Chessgammon:

We at chessgammon will ensure the highest level of quality control whilst stocking our chess boards. These chess boards are ready with a click of button to be dispatched at your preferred date. We will always ensure we meet and satisfy you as the customer, after all we would love to move forward and continue to build our relationship with our existing and new chess collectors. We will continue to take of our products even after the products are with you by ensuring a 30 day no quibble, no fuss returns service.