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Chess Set UK

Our products at Chessgammon

We are the number 1 retailer of the biggest collection of chess sets here in the UK, We simply offer a huge number of chess sets from the finest suppliers from across the globe. We essentially cater for all ranges, including clubs, luxury and many more, a wonderful collection that are not visible anywhere across the market. We work alongside some of the most recognised brands for premium chess in Rechapados Ferrer, Philos, DGT and Helena Arts. A collection of over 300 chess sets available to dispatch with a click of a button, we are able to cater for any and all tests.

We have a huge range of chess pieces and staunton design chess set variety, stocking the basic and club level luxury chess sets to the most high quality and solid wooden chess sets crafted from India. We are proud to say the collection of our best chess pieces we have that go along with our chess sets are all handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. When felt the weight and quality, as well as time gone into making each piece will certainly give you a second though on how much to splash on the finest chess set collection.

sheesham staunton reykjavik staunton chess pieces

Dispatch and delivery

Our huge range of high quality chess sets are all dispatched from our UK based warehouse, in Leicestershire. Therefore you can expect a very quick delivery service for your chess set. We do offer Free shipping with every single order, ensuring you pay nothing towards getting our luxury chess sets delivered to you.

Our aim is to put a smile on your face, especially with the level of product quality you do receive. our reviews on trustpilot certainly do speak for themselves, any and all reviews are seen, we as a business try and work our way through any dissatisfaction by trying to make amends of any issues that may have arisen.


Luxury chess sets

What does it take to make a good quality chess set? We are known to have a superb range of chess set that will consist of absolutely everything you may need for a splendid game. Every component of a chess set is equally as important as the other. The type of chess boards your after form the very basis of the set. On top of that, we have the pieces. These can be wooden, metal, resin and in any design fo your choice. Each of these materials have their own unique features that would appeal to each customer depending on what you are after.

All of the sets we offer include a premium board, pieces and a gorgeous veneered storage box made from wooden veneer. Artisans create these boxes using a thin layer of mahogany or walnut which allowes the box to remain lightweight yet of very good quality. They are line don the inside with black felt in order to keep your pieces safely and preventing them from damage. We provide the best chess sets for you, our customer, and we want nothing more than each customer to get the right set for them.

We also have a lovely range of chess clocks in our store if you wanted to add this to your buy. It definitely will intensify each and every game you play no matter how good of a player you are. Hearing the ticking of the clock will transport you straight to the tense and thrilling environment of the tournament game played by renowned chess grandmasters.

Chess Boards

We all know a premium chess board matters when it comes to play a game with ease. The chess board is ofcourse the primary foundation of the chess set, We work alongside both Rechapados Ferrer providing a premium set of veneered chess boards available in a varied number of designs. Our relationship with the largest suppliers of chess allow us to bring these fine chess sets in the UK at such affordable prices on our website.


Our veneered range of chess boards involves craftsmen in Spain, placing each veneer and inlaying each chess board piece by piece, followed by an inspection conducted completely by hand. This involves the wooden base layer crafted from MDF wood, followed by solid wood veneers of Palisander, Tiger Ebony, Macassar, Walnut, Mahogany and many more.

Solid Wood

The solid wooden range on our website is primarily supplied by crafts giant Helena Wood Arts, these wonderfully crafted chess boards are renown for there fine workmanship involved with each board. A smooth yet durable surface with solid wood inlays and feature solid mother of pearls as part of the lighter squares on the chess board surface. Craftsmen also apply a very thin layer of varnish to provide a smooth surface, allowing you to smoothly slide across your best chess pieces.

Tournament Size of chess boards

The international tournaments use a chessboard with a chess board size of 20 – 22 inch in size, the minimum chess square size being a minimum of 2 inches(5 cm). This is the standard size of a tournament size chess board, fit for the best chess pieces

Durable & Longlasting

Two terms which any chess board should, a chess board that is prone to damage is no good, specially as it should last at the minimum a couple of years. We at Chessgammon hand select each and every product sent out, ensuring the chessboard itself is tough and resilient to the vast numbers of times you play.

Staunton chess Pieces

Our range of chess sets here in the UK all include Staunton design chess pieces, these come in a vast range of wonderful designs, these hand crafted chessmen are cut as per staunton standard.

What are Staunton chess pieces?

These are wooden hand cut chessmen crafted in Amritsar India, made to a specific dimension. Initially these were primarily used in chess tournaments however eventually have become more mainstream. The Staunton range is the best available on the market and furthermore the most comfortable.

Each piece is crafted to a particular size and includes a weight within to provide more centre of gravity. This prevents the chessmen from toppling over during an intense chess game. Furthermore the chessmen are felted on the base to prevent damage to the boards.

These Staunton pieces are incredibly well known for their quality, they begin from wooden blocks that take upwards of months to dry, this tends to not be a problem in Amritsar, India. The natural temperature allows craftsmen to dry their own wood on their roof tops for months on end before beginning to craft. Any impurity of moisture will cause the the wood to be too soft to carve and unfortunately will not display the fine designs we see.

Craftsmen begin work, the way this process works is that each craftsmen is given each piece to make, this is primarily to maintain the standard of the size of the pieces, as visible by the vast attention to detail, a specific artisan is required when it comes to carving out the chess knight piece, this takes the most time and therefore the entire value of the chess set is actually dependent on the finishing of this piece.

Lastly a small compartment is dug to place the the weight at the base of each piece, this is ofcourse to provide more balance when playing, finally craftsmen apply a smooth layer of green felt to give no risk when it comes to playing across the chess boards surface. These two factors alone can be significantly important in meeting the Staunton design chess set design standard specifications.

The final stage is the packaging. Chess sets all arrive from India, via air or ship freight. However we regarding the packaging of these staunton chess pieces as incredibly important. Each piece is bubble wrapped and placed in a corrugated box, making them well presentable to be gift wrapped and presented.

ebonised fierce knight Staunton chess pieces

Who discovered Staunton Chessmen?

Howard Staunton and Nathaniel Cooke were the primary inventors of the idea of Staunton chess sets. Howard Staunton, the british chess champion at the time, was a grandmaster of chess back in the mid ninteenth century and was known to have endorsed and hand signed the first 500 pieces of chess, which is why they were named after him. The design of the pieces that are presented in a luxury chess set itself was produced by Nathaniel Cooke.

The wooden chess pieces and wooden chess sets are produced using only high quality materials. Each chess king and chess queen take hours or even days to carve out depending on the complexity of the design. The sets are also unique in that the queen and king, however more prominently the knight differ between each style.

Find the style that works for you on one of our best boards to create your ideal chess set and get buying! Our boards tend to sell out fast, all over the world and even in the uk. Create a fun environment at home and become a chess king or queen yourself!

The historic lewis chess set

The isle of lewis chess sets collection are also one of our newest and most sought after pieces, these sets are popular for their incredible history and folklore surrounding the very first lewis styled chess pieces found in the western isles. The chess sets seen on our website are stunning replicas created using those that were found from the 13th century.

Themed chess sets

Alongside backgammon, chess is one of the oldest traditional games in the world. The chess set is made from durable polyresin on a wooden board and we have to say, they are absolutely superb in real life. These are available in themed chess sets or a style of antique chess sets however currently, we only stock the original style.

Antique chess sets

The legend states, that there were 11 of these incredibly well carved stone pieces found on the isle and were part of a large heard of pieces buried on the island. The remaining 82 original pieces found in the scotland western isles including atleast four luxury chess sets are displayed in the British museum.

Our promise to you

We promise to fulfill our duties as one of the largest chess stores on the internet. We will always ensure the highest quality product and will be prepared to resolve any situation. Our query team is available 24 hours of the day and we provide 7 days of the week service to take respond to your queries.

Our Targets here at Chessgammon

Our target response time is to respond to you within the hour as we truly have absolute manic days here at our store. At Chessgammon we ensure all our chess sets are completed to the highest degree and given in a complete manner.

Our aim is to bring highest quality products from around the world. Enhancing the chess game not only benefits us but the wider chess community, if we can ofcourse help a starter to gain knowledge and the vast advantages the game of chess brings, we would be more than satisfied.

Delivery & Returns Assurance

We have also offered a free UK delivery and offer free UK next day delivery. We dispatch by the next working day on all of our products with the option for a free 30 day, no quibble no fuss returns policy. We ensure each and every piece that gets sent directly from our warehouse is checked one by one to make sure the set you play with has no defects and ofcourse with this will come many games of fun across the years wiht your family and friends!

Our great backgammon sets all come with the correct number of pieces, dice, doubling dice and instruction booklet for a beginner. Each piece that we include is of a good quality to ensure you the customer are completely satisfied with the product or products you have chosen from us.

Rest assured, we ship across the world and to over 50 different destinations, we pride ourselves in the packaging and shipping process we deal with. Any issues and please do not hesitate and contact us directly via our many avenues.


We at Chessgammon have many years and years of experience with backgammon sets, we indeed regards ourselves as professionals in the traditional games of chess and backgammon in the uk.

To acquire such products with the features necessary for a good chess set and dealing with a vast network of our suppliers from around the globe, these years of experience certainly come in hand. What this means for our customers is that they will receive a chess set product with very high quality at very affordable and cheap prices. Chess can be an important part of education and mental development for school children which is why we have supplied numerous schools and clubs around the world with some chess sets!

We have numerous sales and currently a side wide discount for our exclusive and loyal customers. We have not created discount codes so please be vary if you come across any as they are not ours. Please enjoy our special offers, the cheapest travel chess sets on the internet and keep in touch follow or subscribe to us below.