Folding chess set

We are the leading providers in chess and backgammon, we stock an incredible range of folding chess set pieces. Our team only search for the finest wooden chess sets from the best and well recognised suppliers. Each folding chess set is hand checked by our team before dispatching, our collection here is rather unique with weighted 3 inch Staunton chess pieces included as part of a combo of chess and backgammon. A weighted chess set is hardly found and due to the vast interest of our customers who are all too familiar with poor quality small chessmen included in most traveling chess sets, we have taken on board these reviews and made sure a good quality at best is what you deserve when playing.


These fine wooden boards are crafted from Helena Arts, a Turkish manufacturer who specialises in high end wooden board games and quality beauty style furnishing. Each piece is crafted completely by hand by skilled artisans. These chess sets are hand carved from Walnut, Bird eye Maple, Ebony wood and Rosewood. We also stock a large variation of wooden chess boards from Helena Arts, more for the championship size chess pieces. These lavish tournament size chess sets are available in our luxury range chess.

Exterior Chess Board

A wonderfully crafted wooden chess board, available in Ebony, Rosewood, Walnut and lastly Bird Eye Maple. This fine inlaid chess board surface crafted completely by hand and the addition of solid mother of pearls as the light squares of the chess board. Each part of this surface is finished and inlaid by hand by these fine and highly experienced craftsmen. The squares or mosaic is perfect to play chess, each square size standing at a spacious 4 cm x 4 cm, easy to place your solid wood Staunton chess pieces. The exterior also holds the metal clasp to keep the board shut when not playing, the foldable characteristic makes the board perfect for compatibility. The square size of the chess set is incredibly important in determining the how the playing field will eventually be displayed, too small and the chessmen will overcrowd the board and therefore this will hinder the play of subsequent moves as you eventually knock into neighbouring pieces.

Interior Backgammon Board

The interior inlaid with solid wood backgammon points, we also include a complete set of dices and shakers, furthermore the board also comes with 15 backgammon pieces of each colour. Each piece is crafted from small blocks of wood, the really great quality is visible when you slide the piece flat against the the surface of the board. The workmanship of a skilled designer are quite well apparent when viewing the well inlaid backgammon board surface. A thin layer of varnish is applied to ensure the backgammon pieces slide smoothly across the surface without and bumps. This is especially important as any backgammon player would know, any bumps raised across the surface will likely cause wear against the board but may also damage wooden pieces.

Wooden chess pieces

These hand carved wooden Staunton chess pieces, come complete with this fine folding chess set, each piece is crafted completely by hand in Amritsar India. We have placed these weighted 3 inch standardised Staunton design with all of our folding chess sets. Each chess set is initially crafted from solid wooden blocks which are left to dry on the rooftop of factories. Craftsmen then carve out each piece based on the design required from these blocks with the use of basic turning machines. It is the experience and skill of these craftsmen that primarily determines the quality of the pieces produced. They also carve out a small section under the chess pieces to add a small weight, this weight is placed to further balance the pieces on the chess boards surface. The finest quality pieces will be finished off with green felt and a smooth buff polish to give the stunning sparkle these chessmen display. We include these high quality wooden chessmen with a soft velvet pouch to store inside the folding chess set, followed by an instruction booklet. Everything you need for a quality chess set, it is this quality that determines the value of these chess sets.

Wooden Chess Set

Wood is the primary material used, specially when it comes to carving high calibre wooden chess sets, often these can also be magnetic chess sets, however the finest quality is best achieved through materials where craftsmen can apply their skill. Often it is incredibly difficult to carve using other materials, furthermore the wide selection of woods available makes it relatively easy to combine various different shades to achieve the design wanted.

This could be a folding walnut chess set or a sycamore chess board, wood allows you to achieve a great number of styles for customers to choose from. Our aim at Chessgammon is to provide these great quality sets at an affordable price. We can also place orders with our suppliers down to your personal preference with a chosen design laid down specifically for you.


A folding chess set should easy be to set up and play but should at the same time fold away and be easy storage. commonly these travel chess sets will have the minimum number of pieces, likely an extra queen is not included for the sake of saving space. These will commonly also be small in size and light in weight but at the same time this should not compromise on quality. Often the smaller sized chess set will tend to rushed and finished to an inferior quality. Therefore it is incredibly important to ensure the quality is maintained through these sets.

What Should Wooden Travel Chess Set Include?

Travel chess sets are far too common and it can be rather difficult to find the right one for you, we have specialised in including all which is require to not make a good quality set, but rather a great quality folding set.

Our folding chess sets are not magnetic and there’s a reason why, we actually include weighted chess pieces which allow for great stability, sadly magnetic chess pieces will often tend to attach to one another and ruin the game. Therefore a magnetic chess set is very ideal, however taking on feedback from our customer base, they much rather prefer a folding chess set with weighted wooden chess pieces.

Wood As The Primary Material

A travel chess set is often carved from wooden blocks, partly because wood makes the perfect material where a large amount of craftsmanship can take place very easily. A wooden chess set is more preferred for more than a few reasons, wood can also be relatively light in weight to take on travels, does not change characteristics, remains sturdy and long lasting with good treatment.

Storage Facility

A travel chess set should include a storage facility, commonly this can be in the form of a drawer or foam inserts, these ideal facilities prevent any losses or even worse breakages as a result of pieces being left.

We include a storage bag for both the backgammon pieces and the chess pieces to keep inside, furthermore we do have storage boxes available to store your Staunton chessmen separately if you wish to purchase additionally. This particular chess set includes storage velvet bags to store both the chessmen and backgammon pieces.

Why Chessgammon?

At Chessgammon we are proud to say we have close to over 400 products in our collection, supplying the nation and the world with some of the finest chess and backgammon boards for close to 10 years. Our Beginning from eBay, moving to Amazon and Etsy and here we are with our own website, we provide everything you need, from a travel set to large championship size boards. Our specialised team deal with some of the world renown suppliers in the traditional board game field, the relationship we have allows us to offer these wonderful games at affordable prices here in the UK.

After receiving the products our team firstly inspect each and every products before going ahead and placing a bulk order ready to be in stock and dispatch at any given moment. The team also has high quality photographs taken to provide you with best images of our range to select from.

Shop from a brand in Chessgammon with confidence, we very much have the answers to any questions across the phone, our team are always on hand regarding any issues or any help required before you checkout. Our smooth security conscience system allows you to purchase without any hassle, our shop aims to make this as easy as possible.

Our Service:

Across the united kingdom, our service is unmatched, our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have as you browse across our website, this may be for a chessboard or perhaps any particular features of a product in our line. We are available via live chat as efficiently to handle any requests before the point of purchase. Our team hand check each and every piece before dispatching out to you, we ensure you have no hiccups as you play the vast numbers of games.


Across the UK we use DPD, our relationship with DPD means we will often deliver before the given and estimated date, we charge no extra for delivery within 3 working days and you can assume your money is incredibly well spent. Our shop also offers express UK shipping to be received within 24 hrs at a price of £9.99 across mainland united kingdom. We aim to deliver our service and products at great value for money.


We have now shipped far and wide across the past decade and have plenty of experience when it comes to packaging. Each products is hand inspected before being placed inside a thick double wall corrugated box ready to be shipped out to you the customer. We also take great notice regarding any feedback you email across to us, certainly in terms of shipping service and after sell issues.

Price, Price, Price!

We ensure at Chessgammon, we never price you out of the purchase you wish to make, we totally understand the cost is a large factor determining the purchase of your ideal chess set, and therefore our team goes out their way to find the most cost effective options with both our supplier and courier services to forward the discounts onto you the customer. Therefore not only would you be receiving an extremely good quality set, but at a discounted price and therefore we try our best to give every customer playing these authentic board games the best possible chess set.

Website and Additional Platforms

As many of you are aware, we first started selling on eBay, moved forward onto Etsy and Amazon, however it is our website that features every product available and allows you to see this across your browser very easily, allowing you to favourite and style of product as easy as that. Our online shop aims to bring you the full collection of products from each page to make it easy for you to compare and search through.

Visit Us!

Our shop is always open for you to come and visit some of our legendary quality chess sets. We stock not only a huge range of wooden chess sets. Our team can show you around, we have all you require to see on display, chessboard, chess sets, wooden chess sets, folding walnut sets travel chess sets the perfect way for you to inspect our really great quality before you shop.

Our store also includes a huge range of backgammon sets with a range of varied style, as sellers we take on the feedback given to us regarding any craftsmanship and where we can potentially make improvements and this is no more easier than you coming down and visiting our shop. We have also played with a number of customers before they go ahead purchase a chess or backgammon set.


Our reviews are visible primarily across Trustpilot, however we have racked up over 2000 shop reviews eBay, Amazon and Etsy based on the quality and services we offer. We ofcourse appreciate and feedback left and we would be more than happy to resolve any issues prior to you leaving any reviews.