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We are the home of one of the largest collection of chess. This including chess pieces, chess set, chess boards and further more. We stock over 500 high quality products readily available to be dispatched at the click of a button, we also welcome many of our chess fanatics in our store where we have ready chess sets available on display for you to take a look at.

Chess Set

We store a huge range of chess sets, both for beginners and established players, ranging from our smallest size of 14 inch to a grandmaster 23 inch size, each chess set includes a fine smooth surfaced chess board and chess pieces, our weighted chess pieces start from the 16 inch chess range in the economy range chess, ranging to our largest sets in the executive, luxury, master and Staunton ranges respectively.

We ensure with our chess sets you have the convenience to play with a high quality chess set that will last you many years but furthermore you have the compatibility to store these chess pieces away in a chess box when finished. Below we will talk about the various ranges of high quality chess sets we have available in our range.

Classic Range Chess

A fine range, where we primarily stock the non-weighted and more beginner wooden chess sets, these quality pieces are crafted from across the globe but the focus is more on the various designs offered.

Our team actually recommends this range more for the beginners of chess and for those wanting to gift to a niece/nephew or perhaps son and a daughter who have recently started playing chess.

These chess sets come in two forms, a flat board and a much larger foldable wooden chess set, firstly the foldable board is also compatible for backgammon and includes both chess pieces and backgammon pieces allowing them to learn both these ancient games together.

The chess boards surface, on this foldable set is a polyester overlay design, however gives you perfect room to enjoy a fine game of chess with with your pieces.

The high quality Staunton chess sets are carefully crafted to ensure you have a product that lasts and create plenty of memories.

Original Range Chess

These amazing luxury chess sets are carved completely by hand by skilled craftsmen in Amritsar India, The heart of world chess manufacturing and the hub of some of the finest craftsmen.

Our vast range of chess pieces and chess board ensures you have a wonderful selection in our original range. Firstly the chess board surface made from solid sheesham wood, taking upwards of a painstaking 3-4 week window to make each piece, followed by smooth layer of varnish to give a stunning finish.

The best chess pieces found are the ones used in this particular set, we include both sheesham and ebonised pieces that come in vast array of style to suit your taste and to what you may prefer.

These chess sets are highly popular and can ofcourse make the perfect gift, but we ensure we also include a fine veneered wooden chess box, each crafted to ensure we can house your pieces.

This range also includes the drawer chess sets in both round and square, the square ofcourse being the slightly popular due the slight larger playing field, however both finished to extremely high degree.

Metal Range Chess

These wonderful Greek mythology metal chess sets come in two forms, Our primary colours are the vibrant Red, Green and lastly Blue, each board coated in a special paint and requires a designated member of the team, high in skill to pain each of these boards in the colours you see.

Our company ensures each piece and part of this board are finished to the quality you as the customers expect them to be. The great story the higher ranked pieces tell is extremely brilliant, this ofcourse being the King, Queen, Bishops and Knights.

The Board crafted from Metal ore and plated in bronze with each piece being finished from Nickel and Brass, these pieces are heavily weighted but more importantly felted on the base, therefore the two players can enjoy the game of chess without damaging the playing field.

We also include these fine pieces with our finest handmade and hand inlaid wooden chess boards that are crafted in Spain by skilled artisans.

Economy Range Chess

Well, here is where we start to mention the term weighted chess pieces and this is the first range and the most cost effective where we offer Staunton chess pieces in the 3 inch size.

Howard Staunton is incredibly famous for the designs he put for forward with chess pieces, specially for the purpose of tournaments.

During his time Howard Staunton found that whole host of chess players would play with chessmen that were not weight, nor of a specific size and therefore since then manufacturers ensure each piece is weighted with a larger weight incorporated within to maintain further balance.

The range includes a wonderful 16 inch sized chess board that is made in Spain and the weighted pieces in the Atlantic Classic, French Knight And German Knight designs.

The primary distinction between these Staunton chessmen would be the King, Queen, Bishop and primarily the Knight. We also Include a high quality solid wood veneered chess box to keep your Staunton pieces safe and sound

Executive Range Chess

Our most popular range of best chess sets, These components of these finely crafted chess pieces and chess boards are sourced from around the world, each comes with it’s various style and design.

This range again comes complete with the chess board, the chessmen and ofcourse a supreme quality chess box. These fine chess sets are commonly seen in world chess championships and often seen played with by Grandmasters of the game, We have a huge range of designs regarding the chess board, from palisander to mahogany and the infamous Tiger ebony wood, We also stock a huge range of chess pieces in both ebonised and sheesham.

Whichever set you are here to search, we will have this in stock, This range has the perfect championship Size board and the well established weighted Staunton design pieces, We also ensure the high quality wooden chess box matches perfectly well with your board and pieces.

These ranges are more the experienced player of chess and someone who start to know the Staunton chess standard and the various style of pieces from economy to extreme luxury.

Luxury Range Chess

This superb range differs from the rest with completely hand carved wooden chess board made with fine quality mother of pearl squares. These wonderful chessboard are designed to include the mother of pearl as part of the lighter squares on the surface.

The boards are designed rather uniquely and elevated leaving a small gap. These fine quality surfaces are made completely by hand, perfect to place your Staunton pieces and play.

Isle Of Lewis Range Chess

We have been working hard and taking on the incredible feedback you the shopper to ensure we have a large Isle of Lewis set of chessmen with our amazing chess boxes and chess boards.

These amazing resin pieces are crafted here in the UK by Berkeley Chess Based in Somerset, England, UK. We have ensured the chess box provided in this chess set ensures you have enough room to place in the chess box.

These wonderful luxury chess men are crafted carefully taking a pain staking weeks to finish. Each of our chess set comes with carefully packages Isle of Lewis luxury chess men and each finished to an extremely high degree.

This is certainly a progress in the chess world where we plan to bring more and more luxury chess set to our shoppers.

The King of these pieces stand at 3.50 Inch in size, our company along with Berkeley chess have worked incredibly hard to allow you to purchase these fine chess set at a reasonable price from our website.

Chess Clock

Use our fine wooden chess clocks made with supreme quality to complete your chess set, our company have expanded significantly further to provide a completely high degree of pieces.

These are the best chess timers available at a very affordable price, these will go well with your Staunton pieces. Ofcourse feel free to come into our store where we can ofcourse show you the fine quality of timer our company provides.

A Brand You Can Trust

Our company has set out a goal since we began and as a chess business we wish to source the highest quality of product in both chess and backgammon and offer these to our customer are reasonable price here in the UK.

We have ensured our process of quality control is rigorous and you receive a product that is made by hand but is made to the best quality possible, therefore we have created one of the largest collection of Staunton chess sets in England if not potentially Europe.

We are not only famous on the well known online shopping channels of Amazon, eBay and Etsy but we wish to try and improve our communication between us and our customer by offering our own chess shop, making it incredibly easy for you to get in touch with the experts behind the features of the photographs.

Therefore the chess products we provide we offer free shipping here in the UK, our free shipping ensures you receive your product in no longer than 72 hrs.

The communication we hold regarding the chess products on offer with our supplier is very open and therefore any feedback given regarding any particular backgammon or chess product is always fed back ad utilised.

We also offer next day delivery and the service given is second to none, we have racked up a large number of Trustpilot reviews with a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

We deliver to a whole host of countries and therefore have racked up a customer base as far as Australia, USA, Brazil, Singapore and many more. Our chess product are readily available to make a purchase with a click of a button.

Our aftercare service involves someone available to attend to your query 24 hours, 7 days a week all year around, we aim to speak to you via our phone service and advise on the best course of action, or very easily via our live chat and email service, we as a business will attend to queries in the UK or across the world in a window of 24 hours.

Any matter we will always aim to deliver on our promise and when not possible provide a reasonable explanation and will always be open to resolving and such matter by keeping you satisfied. Our UK based warehouse is open during the business hours of 9:30 am to 2:30 pm available in store when you can come and meet our lovely team to discuss and buy your desired product, our service in store will be second to none and we can always give the full break down of the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

We can also customise and cross match features from one set to another depending on what you prefer from our website. Our collection includes Staunton chess designs and style of craftsmanship involved, ofcourse these games will last long and there will be plenty, therefore it is important that your purchase via our website not only reflects the price you pay but the longevity you get from our sets. buy chess sets from a reputable company like ours with a fine level of service, we have ensured we provide number of Staunton chess sets and these are on display in store as and when you wish to pop down. We have both chess and backgammon set, along with their accessories available in store, for you to view and feel before buying.

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