Leather Backgammon Set

Our Leather Backgammon set are hand picked by our Chessgammon team, we have gone out of our way to search for none but the best leather backgammon set. Our backgammon boards are unique and are incomparable to most leather backgammon boards. Most backgammon boards in the UK are sold as imported from China as a cheaper version. Our leather backgammon boards are crafted with faux leather, which is a standardised tournament material. Each piece of leather is stitched together with a white stitched lining. Each board outer surface has been crafted by hand and machinery to perfect each piece. The inner surface of each board is coated with a selection 3 colour we currently stock. We stock a Ruby Red, Graphene Grey and the popular and tournament standard Malachite Green surface. The inner surface our out leather backgammon set range is not stitched, which a stitching may affect the movement of a backgammon piece. We have used a soft velvet felt that is inlaid with previous to each and every corner, perfectly inline with no bubbles lifting the felt up. The backgammon pieces are able to slide very smoothly across the inner surface.

Each leather backgammon Set comes with it’s very own instruction booklet and a set of dimpled backgammon pieces. These particular marble backgammon pieces have an indented circle to allow an easier transition of the backgammon piece during the game. Each set also includes a complete set of dices, this including a doubling cube to increase the stakes of the game. We have ensured you receive the highest quality of leather backgammon set. Each backgammon board has a handle to allow you take the game on your travels aswell as 2 metal clasps to keep safely and compatible carry the game away. Last but not least, each set includes a set of leather and interior velvet padded dice cut. #these dice cups also match the felt used as the surface.

Our Promise

We promise to fulfill our duties as one of the largest backgammon stores on the net. We will always ensure the highest quality product and will be prepared to resolve any situation. Our team is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week to take an respond to your queries. Our target response time is to respond to you within the hour as we truly have absolute manic days here at our store. At Chessgammon we ensure all our backgammon sets are completed to the highest degree and given in a complete manner.