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We completely understand how annoying it may be to have a an antique chess board or a vintage backgammon set passed onto you over the generations that may not have all it’s compatible bits and pieces. We have made sure that you are able to to just complete you set, whether it be backgammon pieces to complete your backgammon set or chess pieces to complete your chess set. Our accessories section gives you a large selection from chess pieces,backgammon pieces, backgammon dices, doubling cubes, chess storage boxes and velvet pouches to complete your cherished set.

Chess Pieces

We have a small yet a high quality selection of chess pieces available in the accessories section, however due to Chessgammon acquiring a large number of weighted staunton Chess Pieces, we have now included a separate category dedicated to just Chess pieces ranging from as small as 2.75″ to as large as 4″. Although we know the tournament range of chess pieces includes the 3.75″ chessmen, there is a vast range of chess boards that will unfortunately not be compatible for this particular size. Therefore we have made sure that we stock a large range of sheesham and ebonised chess pieces in the 2.75″ – 3.00″ range.

Chess Storage Box

It can of course be frustrating to have the chess board and the chess pieces, but nowhere to keep the chess pieces safe. We have a selection of chess boxes that you can use made from solid wood and lacquered wood to make sure you can keep your chessmen safe. Most of our storage boxes come with an inner lining felt to prevent damage to your chessmen.

Backgammon Pieces

Although all of our backgammon sets come complete with the full set of dice and backgammon chips, we still do stock a further range of unique and replacement backgammon pieces. The standardised sizes available for a tournament backgammon set will be in the 35 mm and 40 mm range. We stock both sizes in different designs and we have a choice of acrylic and wooden pieces. These pieces all come with a velvet pouch and a set of replacement dices.

Dice Set

We completely understand that a game of backgammon is almost rendered useless, without the relevant number dices. All our replacement dice sets come with 4 regular dices and 1 doubling dice. We have a range of colours to select from, our popular being the set of white and black. These again are accompanied with a soft velvet pouch to keep safe and sound.