Backgammon Piece Measurement

inside greenleather backgammon set

 It is indeed important to have the correct size of backgammon pieces for your backgammon board. Commonly the favoured board to play on is leather. This is mainly preferred due to it’s popularity in backgammon clubs and championships. A couple of factors determine the correct backgammon pieces:

Size of Triangle Base: This indeed is an important measurement determining the correct sized backgammon pieces.

Backgammon Pieces: The backgammon pieces all come in a varying size. They need to fit in line with one another to make sure we have a compatible fit.

Backgammon pieces can be found in a range of sizes. Generally the two popular sizes with backgammon pieces is a diameter of 35 mm and 40 mm. These are popular due to the size and it’s compatibility with a tournament(21 Inch) sized backgammon board.


Backgammon Board Size:

As mentioned above the tournament standard backgammon board in 21 Inch. This is commonly found in leather and this is indeed the preferred material due to it’s characteristics of deafening the sound of the dice and the friction the board provides with the backgammon chips.

Backgammon Boards are also commonly found in wood. The can take a range of forms in solid wood and MDF. Both materials of wood are tough to withstand years of use but if you had to pick one, it would certainly be a solid wood board. Wood tends to be a very popular material with backgammon due to it’s ability in being carved in different shapes and sizes.