Mother of pearl chess set

Pearl chess board

Chess sets are not simply toys or games however they are large exquisitely designed sophisticated boards with great historic value. This gorgeous selection of boards is our pearl board variety. Each pearl chess board has squares in the playing field inlaid with the solid wood of the board and the mother of pearl inlay material handplaced into the chess board.

This takes a lot of work from skilled artisans in order to get the chess board quality to its highest peak. When browsing for a chess board, you will see a lot of the traditional wooden maple boards however these are truly eye-catching and like no other. The actual mother of pearl is a very unique and valuable material also known as ‘Nacre’ produced by molluscs as an inner shell layer. The reason its given its name ‘Mother of pearl’ is because it is the same material that pearls are composed of and is widely known for its strong and resilient characteristics.

Not only is it great for its quality, but the mother of pearl design is incredibly beautiful. These sets are not produced by many manufacturers and are difficult to shop for with UK sellers. We fortunately stock a fantastic range of mother of pearl chess in our online shop. The board size can also vary between 17 to 20″ and is paired with some gorgeous staunton chess pieces which contrast with the mother of pearl chess board and in turn make the entire set stand out in a stunning way.

When you search google for the ideal wood chess board, its hard to find items of sufficient quality that work correctly however the pearl chess set may just be the answer you’ve been searching for. You can even grow your chess set collection and chess pieces collection by adding a pearl chess board rather than the typical wood boards. You could even pair some of your own chess pieces with these boards to create your own set of mother of pearl chess.

Pearl inlaid chess

These boards are constructed by skilled craftsmen in Turkey. Upon our visit to Turkey, we were able to get the answers to many questions about the creation of these wonderful sets of mother of pearl chess. We were able to see how each square of wood is handplaced next to the mother of pearl and all fit into a footed chess frame made of wood. The manufacturer will then deliver these stunning wooden pieces to us and then we are able to allow our loyal customers to shop and add these to their basket!

For those of our customers who search for a wooden chess board on google yet are unable to find some unique that will wow their family and friends, look no further. Our site has large stock of categories of different types of chess that we can deliver to you in 1 day dispatch time! You are guaranteed a speedy delivery upon purchase of the set, the details of the purchase can be found once you sign in to your account. Items in can be stored in basket and buying history is also available. We have an online presence in both ebay and etsy where we have a great feedback base on our products- our customers are always happy with the products they recieve!

If there is any special requirements you may have for your set we are always happy to oblige if you simple add a note when purchasing or you can phone us directly and speak to one of our colleagues who can confirm this for you.

We also offer free shipping in the uk and free uk delivery in 1 day for a very speedy service or visit in store! You will recieve an e mail confirmation once the cart buy has been carried out and before you know it, you’ll be playing on your boards as if you are in the tounaments!

A fantastic buy for yourselves to gift to your loved ones! the service we offer here is fast and thorough, we do everything we possibly can to ensure each and every customers is happy with their buy- whether it be the price for the quality, the shipping time or communication with ourselves.