Traditional Chess Sets

Our vast range of chess set include a high quality veneered chess board with well carved staunton chess pieces and a wonderful storage box. These particular chess board and chess pieces have been carefully matched by our Chessgammon team. These particular chess sets have a unique look and feel about them with a larger chess board, each square as large as 55 mm (5.5cm). These chess pieces are single handedly carved from blocks of sheesham,boxwood,ebonywood and rosewood by skilled artisans based in Amritsar India. These particular chess boards are crafted in Spain, each board is hand veneered by skilled artisans. These boards and pieces are not only checked upon arrival, however each board and each set is checked before packaging to remove any defective pieces. This particular range of boards includes chess pieces no smaller than 3.75 inch and boards upwards from 21 inch. A relatively new category we have introduced by the name ‘Master Range’ due to a larger range of chess boards combined with a larger chessmen.

We strive to bring a smile to your face as soon as you have placed the order with us. We will always make sure customer service is the forefront of the service we provide. Our chess sets are reknown as some of the best in the United Kingdom, if not across the world, providing you with a vast collection of chess boards and chess piece combinations at very reasonable prices. We aim to hear from you with a more than satisfied review via our trustpilot platform and as we continually grow we do expect mistakes and we are more than happy with feedback given directly via email, live chat or a phone call to speak to the Chessgammon team on where we can improve. As with any chess store, we provide the option of bespoke orders that we are able to source from our vast network within the chess and backgammon world.


Staunton chessmen are the most common term used to phrase weighted staunton chess pieces that were initially introduced by an Englishman Howard Staunton. Staunton was a chess master regarded as one of the greats of his time between 1843 and 1851. Towards the later years of his chess career, Staunton started to write under the chess column focusing on board play. Together with Nathaniel Cooke, Staunton realised at the time a range of different chessmen were available and these chessmen were made of varied size, weight and designs. He also noticed that whilst playing these chessmen were significantly unstable and brittle. Therefore Staunton and Cooke together introduced the Original Staunton chess pieces which were durable, well weighted and long lasting. These staunton chess pieces are now crafted in a range of different designs, most of which are staunton chess pieces but of different designs and now commonly named after chess masters who made their fame during their career. Certainly whilst building our vast collection of chess board and chess pieces to form our large collection of chess sets. We take a large pride with the chess sets we have available due to their quality and perfection complementing each board, each piece has been carefully paired with the relevant board size to make sure we have the right chessmen for the correct board size. Inparticular it is indeed the square size that is the more important measure, a tournament standard is a square size of 2(50 mm) inch to 2.5(55 mm) inch and due to this specification the popular choice among chess collectors is this particular measurement. Ofcourse chess collectors take many measurements into account,size of the board, square size of the playing field, chessmen meeting the specifications of the board and not to forget a correct storage box to hold the pieces.

History Lesson

You may wonder, how do we have this beautiful game of chess readily available in our hands. We have to go back to the 6th century, over 1500 yrs ago where it said that India holds the title for initial games of chess being played. The game of chess was common with the people of the time and in-particular the rulers of the land. The game then spread to neighbouring regions, more specifically in Asia, Persia and what we commonly refer to as the middle east. The materials used for a chess set 1500 years ago were completely different, the vast number of players using different sized stones and slate to play on. If we fast forward to the 16th century and the 1800s, chess began to become a lot more popular in particular in the west. Chess initially began as a game of the kings and move onto becoming a game strategic and tactical manoeuvring to defeat the opponent. The World Chess Championship was announced in 1886, ofcourse the first of many to come across the years going onto recognise chess masters of their eras. Chess still to this day remains very popular and in-particular a large portion of those interested in the game of chess prefer to play a game where they’re able to feel, touch and move the pieces. The game is indeed played by over 600 million people from around the globe. Ofcourse there are a large number of chess websites online where you are able to play with a similar skilled opponent from across the world, however there is no feeling of unboxing your new and fresh chess board with your chosen matching chess pieces.

Deliver Direct to You

We work with a whole host of courier services in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Our information on shipping, couriers used and dispatch times will be found in our ‘Delivery Options’ page. We strive to dispatch all order on a daily basis and where orders cannot be completed in time as a result of us, we will definitely be informing yourself. We at Chessgammon will dispatch all order on a working day before 2 pm. Ofcourse knowing you have purchased a chess set from us, we ensure to give a 30 day ‘no quibble, no fuss, return policy’. As a customer you are able to purchase with great confidence knowing you have bought from an established brand within our chess community. We are certainly a select store offering the chance of viewing chess sets with wonderfully made backgammon sets in-house, ready to dispatch as soon as you have placed an order with us.

Our Promise

We promise to fulfill our duties as one of the largest chess stores on the net. We will always ensure the highest quality product and will be prepared to resolve any situation. Our team is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week to take an respond to your queries. Our target response time is to respond to you within the hour as we truly have absolute manic days here at our store. At Chessgammon we ensure all our chess pieces are completed to the highest degree and given in a complete manner whether it be in a chess set or just the chess pieces with it’s very own storage box.