Championship chess set

World Chess Championship Chess Set

The world chess championship began is 1886 with players arranging the event and dates themselves but was later taken over by FIDE in 1948 on athree year cycle. There are many types of tournament gaves, including a candidates tournament. There is also many types of world chess championship tournaments such as one for women, juniors, seniors, blitz and so on.

The person that manages to win the candidates tournament then is allowed to play against the reigning chess champion. The world chess championship involves an intense match between the reigning champion and a challenger. Magnus Carlsen currently has established the world chess champion title and has done since 2013.

FIDE is The International Chess Federation or World Chess Federation and FIDE defines the rules of chess both for individual games and international competitions. FIDE is based in Switzerland and acts as the governing body for international chess competition.

The FIDE world championship chess set was designed in 2012 by architect Daniel Weil, internationally renowned pentagram designer who enlisted the help of Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik and other chess stars to test the chess pieces out, flying them back and fourth from India and the UK to get the perfect set.

Carlsen has only used this FIDE world chess championship set designed by the internationally renowned pentagram designer and architect Daniel Weil ever since his first win.

Championship Chess Pieces

The chess pieces that are normally used in the world chess championship set are classic Staunton pattern in 3.75″ as the king height. The pieces are carved from solid wood and are triple weighted chessmen. The base is felted and the the hand carved pieces have an extraodinary finish.

It is very difficult to obtain the official world chess championship chess pieces as they are limited editions however we have quite a breathtaking selection of similar chess sets and tournament pieces ourselves here at Chessgammon.

If you’ve had a look at our store categories, we have quite a variable championship chess set range. We provide 20″-21″ wooden chess boards with your choice of design in championship chess pieces.

Our chessmen come all the way from Amritsar in India where they are carved by skilled craftsmen over months. It taked years for them to perfect this level of skill so the chessmen are truly a work of art like no other. Our pieces are single weighted and felted at the bottom, finished off with a sleek gloss all over to give the pieces a sophisticated appearance.

The individual pieces are checked for quality control and defects. Our boxes contain individual pieces hand packed and secured inside. Our shipping time is approximately 1 day and we use DPD for our delivery services to ensure customers recieve their items with ease and quickly.

Staunton Chess Sets

We have fantastic special offers on numerous Staunton chess sets that we have on our website. A championship chess set is known to be a popular and ideal chess set. The staunton championship chess set style includes; Classic Staunton, French Staunton, German Staunton, Reykjavik, Zagreb and so many more.

Although we do not provide triple weighted pieces like the world chess pieces, ours are single weighted and a little more lightweight. We believe the triple weighted are extravagant and may introduce these in the future.

We aim to give our customers the world chess championship feel with our sets. We want you to have the most exciting and thrilling chess games at chess club and at home. Be rest assured that we ensure each individual pieces hand packed and secured inside a double walled safe box.

Our storage box that is provided with each set is made form veneered wood and lined on the inside with black felt. Most people are delighted with this box because it is sophisticated and ideal for storage. We have walnut wood, mahogany wood and ebony wood in these boxes.

We also provide each chess set with a how to play booklet and an additional storage pouch. We also have extra queens available and would be happy to provide them upon request. Simply drop us an e mail or message on live chat if you would like them added to your order.

Chess Board

The Staunton chess board is an extravagant one for sure. It’s large size and dimensions make it a incredible playing field for the thrilling game. Allowing just enough distance face to face from your opponent. You may even wish to add one of our fine chess clocks with your purchase to add even more intensity to your chess games.

We create our chess sets by pairing together a chessboard with different pieces and storage boxes that may suit it the best, we offer quite a few variations per chessboard to ensure each customer is about to have a sufficient choice and preference. The squares of the chess board are carefully placed by hand and inlaid using different types of wood to create the masterpiece of the championship chessboard.

Please have a look through our numerous chess set categories. We have a championship chess set suited for all! Whether its extravagant solid wood boards you’re after or a veneered wood board, we aim to provide a championship chess set well suited to your tastes and your budgets.

We even sell a luxury mother of pearl range that has mother of pearl inlays within the squares of the playing field of the board. This type of board is truly something of royalty and awe. It looks even more breathtaking in a set with the staunton pieces.

Our Promise at Chessgammon

We at chessgammon pride ourselves in providing the best quality products and the best customer service and even the best shipping to our audience. We want our customers to expect nothing short of excellence.

In order to do this, we ensure that we have high quality stock and new products coming in constantly. We prefer to fill our inventory with a variety of goods at different prices in order to provide for our customers of difference budget ranges.

Our goods are produced by hand from all corners of the world, perfected by skilled artisans and delivered right to your doorstep.

Delivery and Returns

We have a 30 day no quibble no fuss policy where we are happy to refund and return if you are unhappy with your set or board. We ask our customers to understand that there is always variation in goods when it comes to handmade products rather than factory manufacture. We inform all customers that there can be variable colours and carvings in all of our products.

We aim for a veyr quick and speedy delivery using DPD 1 day delivery. We also dispatch same day if it is before our cut off time or the next working day. We assure delivery to be very swift and hassle free. We can also ship to all countries internationally ofcourse oncurring an additional charge.

If you would like to collect your set then we would also be happy to accomodate, please give us a phone call or note to us in the live chat or e mail that wou are looking to visit and would like to make an appointment. We also encourage you to create an account with us so that you can shop with ease and review your purchases as and when you may wish.

Create a very secure password and have a shop in our store for our range of different style boards, pieces and accesories. We offer free shipping in the UK and a very reasonable cost for international shipping. No matter your location, we will be happy to post to you.

Why Chessgammon?

We are a company well reputable from our days just selling on eBay and Amazon allowing us to establish quite a large following due to how much our products were loved! We have sold thousands of products all over the world and have grown into our very own well established company.

We aim to stock chess sets that would not only be a wonderful gift for chess fanatics but even children and families that want to delve into a new a interesting hobby. Purchasing a chess set may just be the very best thing you do.

It was a fantastic and extremely popular game in its period however now the technology seems to be more readily accepted. Why not involve your kids into something brain stimulating and productive. Have a world chess championship from your very own home or chess club.