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Staunton chess set

Staunton chess sets

The finest Staunton chess sets are produced primary by craftsmen in Amritsar, India due to the complexity of Staunton design. Blocks of sheesham and boxwood are carved to create the basic shape of the pieces, thereon these are further sculpted into the Staunton style you see, often in play with many clubs and tournaments. We have travelled the world ourselves to witness with our own eyes the type of raw materials that are utilised in order to construct such delicate yet extravagant pieces by ordinary people who have great talent.

The Individual pieces

What gives the Staunton chess piece its style is all of the tremendous effort that goes into creating each and every queen style, kings style, rook, knight and so on. It holds value against any machine made piece. although a direct competitor, a machine is simply not capable of producing pieces to this complexity and precision. In our collection, you can see countless numbers of designs, no single Staunton chess set will be exactly identical to another as they are all handmade. Minor imperfections can certainly be noted, such as the base size, very mild height differences and sometimes a shade differences between other categories of pieces

Who Created The Pieces We See?

The staunton chess set was designed by Nathaniel Cooke in the company of Howard Staunton who used prestigious architectural concepts to create a set of this art and style. This was absolutely loved by the Victorian society at the time due to its sophistication and beauty and chess was played all around the world. Together with Howard Staunton both London architects came up with the initial designs we see today, they proposed the basic elements incorporating the weight and the a certain height to be played with.

The chess set was later given the label of the Staunton design after Howard Staunton, a master regarded to be the best of his time in the mid nineteenth century. Howard Staunton founded the first illustrated London news chess magazine and organised the very first international chess tournament in London. Known in London and around the globe for his abilities in playing the game, furthermore he enhanced his name with the designs proposed.

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer was also a grandmaster and strongly influenced one of the Staunton chess sets. Now, the Staunton chess set has become the standard for international tournaments around the world and is displayed in prestigious buildings all across the globe.

There are 2 parts to a Staunton chess set, the first and the most important being the Staunton chessmen. These are made from blocks of wood which has increased interest despite the practical innovations in chess online. This is due to the timeless value of these sets even in the modern world and the high quality material of all compartments of the set.

There is nothing like touching the pieces themselves and joining a club and playing against fellow opponents, many ofcourse prefer to use this with the family or a family games night to play against one another. The nature of the crafts means these pieces will be with you for life, commonly they hold their own life story after being passed down generations.

Chess pieces

Each Staunton chess set possesses various different style chessmen such as the French knight or Atlantic classic designs. The French knight, Atlantic Staunton, German Staunton and Reykjavik Staunton pieces are the most popular designs. These feature subtle variations but familiar to the well read chess enthusiast. The appearance can differ as small the carving on the cross the King piece. However these small symbols and the way craftsmen design each set with elegance are the features and pattern we appreciate.


However we do stock more complex Staunton designs that are suitable for those of you out there who are at an advanced collectors level and are looking to broaden your collection even further. The 3 Inch pieces we offer are suitable for a 16 Inch set and the 3.75 Inch chess pieces are suitable for a 20Inch tournament sized Staunton chess set.

Majority of these Staunton chess sets are quite similar in terms of the conventional stems but the design varies largely with the knights and the king. The chess set is identified in size by the king, specifically the king height. A 3″ set refers to the size being the height of the king from the tip of the crown emblem to the base rather than the height of the queen or the knight. The Staunton chess set must be well balanced with a suitable board that allows the pieces to be showcased as they should be.

Felt Lining And Weighted

The chessmen are lined at the base with green velvet to allow for safe play of the game and ensure that there is no risk of scratches and damage during long periods of games on the set. Metal chess sets are also incredibly stunning however they do tend to be quite heavy. For the quality of the set, Staunton chess sets are generally reasonably priced, weighted and incredibly beautiful. The chess set style has been created in order to balance durability with material weight and quality with cost to form a chess set that has it all.

Quality & Design

With Staunton chess sets, the significance of Staunton is in the pieces only. These can be paired with any type of chess board to produce a Staunton chess set. We have a wide of chess sets that pair these Staunton chess pieces with different wooden chess boards.

Playing Field

Our Staunton chess set range includes our Helena Wood Art boards. This chessboard is in the classic design of wood made from the finest material. In these categories, the new design we offer that includes mother of pearl inlays across the chess board surface is certainly a customer favourite. Durable enough to handle your many games to come, perhaps with the family or a close family friend.

As a chess player, we are sure that you would agree that a Staunton set allows for a much smoother game simply because the weight and size of the Staunton pieces provide comfort and ease. Each of the chess pieces is weighted with a small weight placed inside and this is so that the chessmen do not topple over. Players can have countless games on these Staunton chess sets without any doubt of causing wear or damage. This is why a club will invest in one of these Staunton chess set pieces, partly due to the longevity and the vast number of games that you will be playing, a low quality product that will not be able to withstand.

Solid Wooden Surfaces

We pair our chessmen with a huge selection of different chess boards from various countries, our Helena board comes from Turkey made using solid wood only of the finest and most prestigious quality.

Veneered Surfaces

Our executive range chess boards are a little more lightweight and is veneered with solid wood. Whichever board is most suitable for you will depend on exactly what level of a chess players you are and the purpose of the board itself, this may well be just for display or for continuous games.

Storage Facility

We provide all of our sets with matching wooden veneered storage boxes for the pieces to be safely kept. Our collection involves walnut, mahogany and ebony chess box that are lined on the inside and at the bottom with black felt.

The boxes have been measured to ensure the pieces are stored comfortably. The box itself is lined in felt to prevent any damage to the pieces stored away, comes with 2 compartments allowing you to keep separate the darker and lighter shade pieces.

Our Promise

Here at Chessgammon, we also provide the classic look analog chess clocks to play with and ensure for a thrilling and exciting game. The perfect chess set includes all of the resources you could possible need for a well equipped game of chess. Although we specialise in mainly wooden pieces are also available in a very popular ivory or specifically African ivory material. Alongside this we have recently added to our collection with the Lewis chess set designs.


We also offer Free shipping her in the UK and an express shipping option of 1 day, this including London, an extremely speedy service. If this is not good enough, feel free to come and visit is in our shop! our team would be more than happy to receive you and give you more information of the different styles and other design pieces in our collection. Our collection of the finest products is visible on show in our shop for you to see, feel and touch.


A fantastic buy for yourselves to gift to your loved ones! the service we offer here is fast and thorough, we do everything we possibly can to ensure each and every customers is happy with their purchase, whether it be the price for the quality, the shipping time or communication with ourselves.

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International & Customer Service

We can ship to any country across the globe! We are also able to help supply chess sets to a school and have already supplied a number of clubs in London and the rest of the UK at fantastic prices. Customer service is our utmost focus here at our chess company!

You can get in touch with us through our live chat or email us on our email. We also have a phone line during our working hours where our skilled and knowledgeable staff are available to help you through any concerns or queries you may have with your order.


We work hard to ensure we respond to all emails and queries in a timely manner and we pride ourselves in our work. We have build up a great reputable company and we look forward to expanding our loyal customer base even further.

Please have a look at the large selection of low cost Staunton chess pieces we offer in our Staunton chess sets. The chess sets are tailored in order to match the chess pieces with the chess board to form a gorgeous and appealing set. The sets are perfect for playing multiple games with fellow fanatics or even to display in your living room or dining room.