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Chess and backgammon set

A chess and backgammon set (or what we like to call, the “Chessgammon” set) is something that is quite unique, something that is 2 in 1 or can also be 3 in 1 if you include checkers. The backgammon board is folded away on the inside and when opened up from the inside, the backgammon board is displayed. We at Chessgammon are the number one providers for these chess backgammon fusion sets in the united kingdom. We specialise is selling the finest chess backgammon sets in the united kingdom. Follow us through our journey in providing all of you with only the best products for you to enjoy with your family!

However, on the outside of the set, you are able to play chess on the chess board. Many of our customer base are fans of both traditional games so much so, that we have been requested to keep chess and backgammon sets on our website. The sets are completely equipped with the tools you may need for both traditional games. You will receive backgammon pieces which can also be used for draughts pieces, chessmen , dice, shakers and so on.

We have a high budget range and also a low budget range dependent on your ideal price range. The luxury range Chessgammon sets are created in Turkey by the well known company Helena, they specialise in only the very best quality and create all of their pieces form fine materials and solid wood. Chessgammon are the leading chess and backgammon seller in the united kingdom. We aim to provide for adults and children alike for very a very affordable price!

Backgammon board

The backgammon board, which is the inside of the foldable Chessgammon set has gorgeous inlaid wooded materials to give it a gorgeous design. the counters for both the chess and backgammon games can be stored inside when the Chessgammon set is folded up.

We will provide you with the backgammon pieces, which can be acrylic or wooden depending on the design you purchase. We will also provide some dices and a doubling dice with shakers.

We provide everything you may need for a well equipped game with the family! We stock two types of Chessgammon sets. Our low range chess and backgammon set is from the Manopoulos company in Greece whereas our high range chess and backgammon sets are from Helena in Turkey.

rosewood handcarved wooden backgammon board

Classic range

This range has many different types of unique and vibrant designs. We stock the famous “Mother of pearl” design that is very popular amongst our buyers. However, we have recently added some new trendy designs as well. The backgammon set for all of these has vibrant colours, a very sleek matte finish and great quality! These boards are provided with acrylic backgammon counters.

Luxury range

The Luxury range chess and backgammon sets are produced by Helena in Turkey and are all solid wooden checkers, the interior backgammon board for all of these sets is similar and has a very simplistic and classy look. Many designs aren’t needed for these boards as the solid wood and the authenticity of the board itself speaks volumes and captivates the audience. These boards come in 3 designs; black, rosewood and walnut. The Helena backgammon board comes with solid wooden counters of amazing quality!

walnut rural chess and backgammon set with french lardy sheesham chess pieces

Chess board

On the outside of the Chessgammon sets is the chess board, which when opened up provides a fantastic even playing surface for a game. Not only is it a great game that you can play, but it is very easily stored away or transported when it comes to travelling. We do stock some fantastic chess boards however the practically of these folding ones is exceptional. Why simply have a chess set when you can have 3 games in 1? Not only is it practical but its great value for money.

We aim to provide for all kinds of customers and ask our manufacturers to produce products that can account for customer request and what you all prefer. We have produced this category as a result of many of our customer base searching for a 2 in 1 set. So here we have it, the category you have all been waiting for.

burl olive chess and backgammon set manopoulos

Classic range

Our classic range boards encompass many different colours and patterns, the boards are incredibly lightweight and in actual fact the chess boards are quite large, each chess square is much larger than that for our luxury range. The set itself is held together by a metal clasp on the side. We provide these sets with some lightweight wooden chessmen. This is the perfect set for your children, fairly cheap and a great beginner set for anyone who wants to practice chess.

Luxury range

In this range, we have fantastic Helena chess and backgammon sets carved out of solid ebony, rosewood and walnut wood and inlaid with very delicate small designs around the border of the board. These boards tend to have a thicker outside border and a smaller playing field but we do think that they are a perfect fit for our 3″ Staunton carved chess pieces. The chess pieces are made of sheesham and boxwood crafted by Artisans in India. It would take a number of years for a craftsmen to acquire such skill and experience.

Chess pieces

The Staunton chessmen we stock are fantastic quality, entirely solid wooden. We include these only in our Helena chess and backgammon sets as well as a number of our chess sets. We match these to the type of board they are being paired with. The ebonised chessmen are well suited to the Helena black foldable sets and in the same way we pair the sheesham chess pieces with our rosewood boards to suit the mahogany colour. Each of the types of wood are placed with the maple wood to have the two main colours of each set.

The dimensions of the king height is 3″ and that is why the pieces are classed as 3″. This does not mean that all pieces are of this height but only the king. They have a felt base and are great fun to play games with. Our Staunton pieces are best sellers and we sell these all over the uk and even internationally. Have a look at our chess pieces or Staunton range categories for more details.

boxwood atlantic classic staunton chess piecesebonised classic staunton chess pieces

Why backgammon and chess boards?

Having a chess set is great and there is a huge selection of chess sets available. There is absolute no problem in purchasing a lovely chess set however if you are looking for a game selection where your family can play numerous games during games night or if you get bored of a particular game then wouldn’t it be great to have a selection? Chess sets are great and so are backgammon sets but having both in one is wonderful!

When is comes to buying a present for a chess and backgammon fanatic yet you just can’t decide whether a chess set, draughts or a backgammon is more suitable? why not get both games! Each board is great fun to play with no matter which way round its flipped, quality games for a family games night in.

Our promise


We at Chessgammon promise to provide you only the best quality good on our site, we pride ourselves in provide board games that are not simply toys but traditional and sophisticated games that will stimulate brain activity and problem solving in your children- much more than toys! We initially started off selling on ebay and etsy and although we still do, we have gained a huge following of loyal buyers and customers and for that reason we would like to offer a great sale on our site.

We aim to ship your items to you very quickly. They are dispatched next working day and are posted using 1 day delivery service by DPD. We provide our buyers with tracking for your security so that you are not constantly waiting for the post. Please feel free to search for whatever you are after and if you have any queries or a problem completing your order then our phone lines are open 5 days a week.

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