Cheap Chess Set

We at Chessgammon, serve and cater for a range of different Chess Sets. The includes luxury sets or in particular this category we have a range of high quality yet cheap chess set. Our economy range of sets does not leave you out with stunning detail of hand-carved chess pieces. In our economy range, the board size is 16 and 18 inch in size.

This particular size is less than the tournament standard. A cheap chess set is very easy to make, certainly this can be crafted with paper and the you can make a few cardboard cut outs to represent the pieces.

Indeed, dating back centuries sets involved stones and slate to play, all of which in them particular days was all sources of natural material. However, there is more fun in playing with sticks, stones and paper as your ideal set. We have sourced a wonderful range of boards and a wonderful range of staunton chess pieces to complete your chess set.

Hobbies, Gifts and Special Occasions

We feel with these chess sets they would certainly be perfect for those planning to take a new hobby in chess or as a cheap and cheerful chess set for a friend or family member. We deliberately have refused to use plastic chessmen as seen across a vast range of economy chess sets on the internet these days, simply due to the durability factor. Each and every chess set sold by us is made from wood, each chess set gets inspected rigorously my both our suppliers and us to ensure you have the right gift with you!

Most plastic chess pieces, although sometimes weighted do not serve as a good material for chess due to the damage they may sustain across the various years of use.

Chess Pieces & Uniquely Designed Chess set

Our chess pieces or sometimes regarded as chessmen still involve wood as the primary material. These chess pieces still remain and fall into the infamous staunton category that chess master Howard Staunton initially talked about and introduced.

These particular chess pieces are of a smaller size but we at Chessgammon have ensured our suppliers do not reduce the standard of quality with these chess pieces. We feel an cheap chess sets should not only be functional but more importantly long-lasting.

Therefore, we have ensured we use these chess pieces in smaller size but not compromising on the detail and structure of each and every chess piece from pawn to pawn and rook to rook. Our economy chess pieces, just the same as larger staunton sets still have a layer of green felt on the base to prevent and damage to the chess board.

Educational Chess Set and Future Generations to Come.

Certainly we tend to forget with the vast number of collectors of chess that indeed chess still to this day remains as an educational game. We have a wonderful range of economy chess sets for a young chess master to start to learn his craft. Certainly we may even see the next bobby Fischer or the next Paul Morphy or even perhaps the more commonly known Magnus Carlsen.