Wooden Backgammon Set Original Range

Our original range backgammon sets are handicrafted by skilled craftmen based in Amritsar India. The craftsmen are local to the villages around Amritsar and their generation involve years of perfecting their craft. These boards are craffted with a range of different woods, particularly involving the best of rosewood,ebony wood, boxwood and extremely hard to source sheesham wood. The wood used in this particular type of backgammon sets need to be prepared accordingly to prevent warping of the board itself. When manufacturers started desinging these particular backgammon boards, they came across great difficulty due to the number boards warping. They then found ways to improve the quality of these boards and the secret was in the preparation of the range of different woods used to handcraft this backgammon set. The wood used needs to be prepared and needs to be left to dry under a heated climate, any damp on the board with mean the board is prone to defect after it has been manufactured.

our board on the inner surface are crafted primarily with sheesham, rosewood and boxwood. Rosewood out of these 3 types of wood tends to be more expensive due to its sparse availability. Most backgammon sets handicrafted in india are manufactured with the inner surface completely finished with ebonywood, However as a bespoke order we have discussed this partiulcar difference with out manufacturers to allow the finishing of the inner surface in rosewood instead of ebonywood.

Each part of the inner surface has been inset by hand. A slight varition can cause the mosaic of the inner surface to completely disjoint. These skilled artisans can take upto weeks to prepare these particular types of boards due to skill needed to craft them. The backgammon set also has a wooden partition to store the backgammon pieces, each set including a set of 15 sheehsam pieces and a set of 15 boxwood pieces. The storage area is padded with a soft bright green velvet material to prevent any damage to the backgammon chips. The outer surface of the backgammon board has a teak plywood and each edge of sanded down to apply a smooth curve to each corner. The board is then coated with a smooth gloss finish. Last but not least, depending on the size of the board a brass metal clasp(s) is applied.

As with any piece that requires skill of a craftman, we can all expect to find minor mistakes, We at Chessgammon take our time with a product quality and only send out the backgammon sets with zero defects. Each board is made by hand therefore we can expect to find small variations between boards, However we feel consistency is very important, therefore we have gone out our way to ensure we are perfecting our products constantly by speaking to our manufacturers on a regular basis.