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Backgammon is a classic game and one of the oldest traditional games in the world. It has classic designs of pointed triangular spaces in altering colours and a simplistic outer design. The beauty of backgammon can very well be in it’s simplicity if it is made of the quality and care required.

These backgammon boards that we have are all designed and created in Greece by the Manopoulos company. These are amazing backgammon games for your games club or to display in your living room.

Manopoulos backgammon set

Manopoulos backgammon board is constructed in various different types of wood, mahogany, oak, walnut and wenge wood. Although some sets include the aspect of mother of pearl, this variety is minimalistic and focuses more on the quality of the wood bringing out the design and colours.

They are veneered wood that has been inlaid and polished off by skilled artisans in Greece. The backgammon sets are completed with acrylic black and white checkers and we also provide accessories such as backgammon shakers and dice alongside our storage bags.

We are proud to announce our new and working relationship with the company due to similar goals in providing premium backgammon boards at reasonable and affordable prices. The history of the company actually began with their well known founder George Manopoulos in 1968.

Please browse through the huge range of styles we have in different categories on our site to find what is suited best to you. Although the traditional style of backgammon in the UK is leather, the wooden classic designs may be what’s currently extremely popular in the market in the UK.

Although most board games are considered as toys for children, the very specific traditional board games that we sell here at Chessgammon aren’t just to play on but a genuine show piece for your living room or dining room table.

Backgammon sets can also be combined with chess to produce a chess and backgammon set. We have an entire chessgammon range on our site which specialises in these 2 in 1 sets- a recent addition to our website as per customer request.

When you google the classical backgammon set, the relevant results are likely to be the leather backgammon sets or a simple low quality wooden set at the top row of the ads, however our company only stocks sets according to the brand reputation and the quality of the product itself. Our prices reflect this premium grade in our backgammon sets

Classic game

The backgammon board itself is extremely sturdy and a player is sure to have ease and comfort whilst playing the game. The backgammon pieces are specifically made acrylic as this allows the players to be content in sliding the pieces over. We also sell seperate backgammon accessories on our website for your other sets.

This range includes great backgammon sets that will be a joy to add to your collection or show off to your fellow friends and family. This backgammon set could also be a wonderful gift even for those who aren’t familiar with backgammon- it would be a great new endeavor for a chess lover or a traditional games lover to try out a game like this.

Why add this to your game room?

Backgammon is a game that not many people play in the modern day and age, as the youth of today prefer to watch TV or read books, people fail to realise the benefit and just how mentally exciting a simple traditional games can be.

They have been found to increase brain activity and develop problem solving skills with both chess and backgammon. Not only is it beneficial, but it’s also just a game! It’s great fun for players and audience alike! Fantastic to get the family all together and have an ideal games night.

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