Wooden chess boards

This range is our chess boards from spain made by the supplier Rechapados Ferrer. These wooden chess boards are all constructed using solid wood veneer so the outermost part of the board is solid wood however the inner material is not. This infact allows the board to remain lightweight whilst also having a very authentic wooden look to it. We have quite a wide variety of different types of boards and different woods that are available in this range. Although we do stock walnut, mahogany and black which are classical wooden boards, however we also have new and unique designs such as the macassar, palisander and tiger ebony chess board.

A standard chess board must have a even surface, sharp edges and a smoth polish on top. Not only do these boards meet these standards but they also have a large square size, very even alignment of squares and high quality materials and finish. The gloss finish on top makes them absolutely stunning, a luxury chess board at a great cost!

What Makes a Great Chess board?

The hand crafted wood board would be perfect to pair with your chess pieces, whether they are wooden, metal or resin. We have a colour and shade range so that you can find a perfect match for your pieces, whatever material they may be. Our main purpose here at Chessgammon is to ensure that we provide the very best service to our customers and more importantly, fantastic products and luxury chess boards at affordable prices.

This luxury chess board range can be fantastic for beginners who want to learn and practice how to play chess. They are not extremely overpriced yet provide exceptional quality and comfort in each and every game. They can even be a good display piece for your home, a lot of modern homes now have a chess corner.

The type of chess board you choose for your set is absolutely crucial for the outcome of the set display. Whether you prefer a larger or smaller chess board, the quality and wood types of the chess board are what will make it a worthy chess board for your set. The chessboard forms the base of the entire set, meaning that if the chess board is not of the finest quality, plastic and cheap then no matter how amazing the queen and king is, the set itself won’t be as extravagent.

Our wooden chessboard range comes from places such as India, Spain and even Turkey. In the original range which is entirely from india, we have a lot of different styles of chess boards such as a storage board, which is with a drawer underneath that can be pulled out to store all of your pieces. Chess sets are perfect for use during scholastic events and to help the younger generation that is deeply involved with technology and very useless entertainment that fun can be obtained in educational ways. Why not be teachers for your kid and involve them in an exciting game of chess.

Is This a Luxury Chess Board?

This is one of our favourite categories due to the extensive selection of colours, wood types and price range variation meaning that it is perfect for accomodating to a lot of different customer preferences. The games are suitable for any adult or even child to play and practice on. Sometimes, the beauty and authenticity of a chess board can actually encourage you to want to keep playing because it truly makes the game more enjoyable.

You can pair these wooden chess boards with any chess pieces of your choosing and enjoy endless thrilling chess matches with your friends. We actually have our own chess pieces that are obtained from Amritsar and made entirely by hand. The king, queen, castles and knights have slight variation in each and every set.

This is why chess pieces are are somewhat of a collectors item, chess fanatics will know the thrill of obtaining a new design, the exciting of different knights and a varied king. If you have not get played on a chess board to this level then expect yourself to be absolutely hooked. Our chess boards are designed so that your pawns, queen, king and so on will fit perfectly.

These chess sets aren’t like the ones you would find in high street chess shops, these are imported and authentic from suppliers that only hand craft their goods. Our chess board shop specialises in only the very best international brands and companies that use only raw materials for the making of the wooden chess boards up until the very last square.

Each and every square is inlaid by hand by skilled craftsmen, the squares are carefully and equally carved and then placed in a row side by side. The colour of the board very much depends on the colour of the alternating squares. In most cases the darker square is the board design that is advertised and the lighter square is boxwood. Each square is put together and the group of squares creates the playing field and resulting colour of the chess board.

We also provide chess storage boxes that come in our chess sets with these chess boards or they can be purchased individually in our acessories categories, these storage boxes are also made from veneered mahogany, walnut or ebonywood. The chess boxes are lined underneath and on the inside with a black felt that protects the pieces form any damage. We tend to put together matching boxes and pieces with the chessboard in order to create lovely chess sets.

Our Promise

We promise to fulfill our duties as one of the largest chess board stores on the net. We will always ensure the finest products, categories and will be prepared to resolve any situation. For example, our team is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week to take an review and respond to your queries.

Our Categories

Our categories aim to incorporate all chessboard types and styles. Please take a look through our categories to see exactly what type of chessboard you prefer and your price range. Have a look at the features we have available on certain chess boards and don’t forget to have a look at our pieces and accesories such as chess clocks and storage boxes which we also have at a great price!

Delivery & Returns Assurance

We have also offered a free UK delivery on all of our products with the option for a free 30 day, no quibble no fuss returns policy. We ensure each and every piece that gets sent directly from our warehouse is checked one by one to make sure the board you play with has no defects and ofcourse with this will come many games of fun across the years. We also offer international shipping of these baords to anywhere from italy to usa, we can make sure that the board reaches you quickly and safely. Shopping for chess boards has never been so quick and easy.

We are also happy for buyers to visit our shop, if they wanted to see the chess boards in person or have a demo board to play on. Our shop is open during our working hours however we ask customers to book in an appointment time with us and we can give you one of our slots. So have a search on our page and feel free to be in touch with us if you are in need of any guidance. We are here to make your shopping experience easier!


We at Chessgammon have many years and years of experience with backgammon sets, we indeed regards ourselves as professionals in the traditional games of chess and backgammon boards.

Indeed to acquire such products and categories, dealing with a vast network of our suppliers from around the globe is experience that has certainly come in hand. What this means for our customers is that they will receive a product with very high quality at a very affordable and cheap price. You won’t find a price like this in high street shops. So enjoy shopping here at Chessgammon and find bargains like nowhere else.


Certainly at Chessgammon we part take in a large sale towards the end of the year to ensure you the customer can make ideal use during the festive seasons of black Friday, cyber Monday and in preparation for Christmas.

The sale is across all of our products of chess and backgammon including the accessories to make sure you have the right gifts for your friends and family. Free delivery is offered on all of our chess boards here in the United Kingdom. A chessboard is something that can be a fantastic gift for someone in the family who can’t get enough of chess boards!

Why not get a new and exciting chessboard to replace that old one you’ve had for years? Chess boards are stunning show pieces as well for the living room table, a chessboard states sophistication and classy- not to mention how much fun you could have playing wiht your pawns on your new chess boards!