Travel Chess Set

Original Chess Range

We have a wonderful range of wood travel chess set readily available for you, available from economy to luxury with fair, competitive and very affordable prices. These chess sets have gone through rigorous and meticulous quality inspections to approve and send out the chess set with the best and highest standard. Our wooden chess sets are perfectly compatible to take away on your travels or perhaps use as display in your living room.

We have ensured we have catered for all budgets and due to our relationships based in India, we are able to offer these chess sets, as luxury as they may be at very affordable prices. All of our chess sets here at Chessgammon include staunton chess pieces.

Our aim of providing a travel range of chess boards with chess pieces included would be to allow a vast number of individuals to play whilst they travel, not all of us find a large staunton chess board convenient to play with easily carry around.

Our boards are not significantly small nor signifcantly bulky to carry around and we inparticular specialise in the 12 to 14 inch category. Too small a board can make it hard to play the game and can almost overcrowd the chess pieces, too large a board will not be convenient for travel purposes. After all the perfect travel chess set should be focused on convenience and quality and not always on size.

Sheesham Wood Craftsmenship

Our original range have been carved from solid sheesham and boxwood. These sets are from Amritsar, India and we have made sure each set looks and has a different name to allow the set to be distinguished between the other in our store.

Quality with Our Sets

We completely feel owning a chess set with quality is very important, specially when deciding which type of chess set to choose inbetween. We at Chessgammon have made browsing through our vast range very easy with different categories and each set designated to its group. We ensure that these sets a very competitive with prices and we are constantly keeping upto date on our listings to ensure you receive the highest quality set at a very affordable price.

Shopping with us at Chessgammon, you can be sure you are getting the best sets at the very best prices, adding to this our free UK shipping. Each set includes it’s relevant chess pieces to match it’s colour and these specifically involve sheesham, ebony and box wood. We have ensured that these sets include an inlay of soft green felt on the inner compartments and on the base. Specifically our range of round and square travel chess sets involve and solid sheesham and boxwood craftmanship with a ball bairing on either side of a draw compartment to allow easy transitioning of the movement of the draw. These sets are wonderfully padded with soft green velvet felt to allow safe and sound storage.

Our travel range is not only available of on website but also available on eBay, Amazon and Etsy. We supply a range of different chains with our chess and backgammon sets, so you are aware of a trustworthy and reliable brand. Our travel chess sets are quite unique and specially made with Chessgammon offering a slightly larger travel size. We find that a significant portion of travel sets are too small and therefore we have heavily invested our time in designing travel sets to a custom and larger size. Each set has taken it’s time to meticulously design and to allow plenty hours of use.

Although there are a range of different woods used to craft each set, primarily it is this material that is used with chess sets due to it’s durability, long lasting characteristic and the ease of skill can be displayed on each set. Wood tends to be a very easy material to shape and craft and therefore each piece of wood with good quality will be dried for a lengthy period of time.

We know for sure the wood we use has been prepared 2 years in advance to prevent warping after a few weeks of us in our British climate. Therefore Sheesham although hard to source tends to be the wood of choice, not only due to it’s characterisitics but it’s colour and the value it holds due to restrictions places in India. Therefore only the largest suppliers are able to source this type of wood and Chessgammon only deals with the best available suppliers from Amritsar India.

Wood and it’s Popularity?

We always wonder why wood tends to be the most popular of materials when crafting luxury chess boards. This is not only due to characterisitics of being tough and long lasting but easily adaptable to craft into any structure. This can be seen when the smallest sets have the same exact attention to detail as a large luxury chess set.

Due to the cost wood being effective we are able to bring the price of our luxury and travel chess sets right down. Fortunately wood is available in abundance and it’s ability to offer as an eye catching piece of material and allow us to use and craft into various shapes and forms makes it the most well used material for our sets. Wood is again used for our staunton chess sets made for tournament and recreational use.

Staunton Chess Sets

When we talk about a proper tournament chess set. This is available in our executive range, we stock a very large number of staunton chess sets available in different board colours, piece and design combinations.

Our staunton sets have exclusively been picked and we have made sure we have made them readily available with every board and design we stock. These set although a luxury, they have the staunton design at their very core. The chess pieces are designed to catch the eye of the viewer, specially based on their intricacy. Chessgammon stocks a range of different staunton chess pieces available in sheesham as well as ebonised. We

are continually working with our suppliers to stock the finest range of staunton pieces. We understand how popular staunton chess pieces can be within our wooden chess set range, therefore we are still in the process of acquiring new boards and new pieces.

Our Promise to You

Although we predominantly specialise in products in our online chess store, we also invite our customers to come and visit our warehouse to view our luxury sets first hand. We are sure you will indeed not forget a chess set from Chessgammon whilst you play chess.

Delivery & Returns Assurance

We have also offered a free delivery in the United Kingdom on all of our products with the option for a free 30 day, no quibble no fuss returns policy. We ensure each and every piece that gets sent directly from our warehouse is checked one by one to make sure the set you play with has no defects and ofcourse with this will come many games of fun across the years.

Our great staunton sets all come with a king height at 3 3/4 inch and 2 queens to complete a full set of chess. Each piece that we include is of a good quality to ensure you the customer are completely satisfied with the product or products you have chosen from us.


We at Chessgammon have many years and years of experience with chess sets, we indeed regards ourselves as professionals in the traditional games of chess and backgammon. Indeed to acquire such products and dealing with a vast network of our suppliers from around the globe, these years of experience certainly come in hand. What this means for our customers is that they will receive a product with very high quality at very affordable and cheap prices.


Certainly at Chessgammon we part take in a large sale towards the end of the year to ensure you the customer can make ideal use during the festive seasons of black friday, cyber monday and in preperation for Christmas. The sale is across all of our products of chess and backgammon including the accessories to make sure you have the right gifts for your friends and family.