Travel chess set

For the chess fanatic it is incredibly important that you are not far from your chess set whilst on your travels. We will run though the recent techniques and the challenge of manufacturing an ideal travel chess set in this article.

The process of refining to these high quality chess boards and working with the finest suppliers in India have been challenging, however we feel we have a wonderful collection of boards not too small and not too big to keep with you whilst you go on holiday, business trips or just a small city break.


The aim of these travel chess sets is to ensure the chess set itself is of a reasonable size, weight and portability to fit in your suitcase or luggage bag to take away and play chess at any moment in time. Games played on these chess sets can be for adults or even children learning their way up.


Travel chess sets must have a reasonable board size in order to enjoy the game, the size includes the overall measure of the chess board to keep with you whilst you spend time away, however in terms of other features we must consider with a travel chess set are the size of the chess pieces.

In order to enjoy the vast number of games being played, the size of the chessmen needs to be comfortable to move around and prevent an overcrowded chess set. Our range of chess pieces includes the Downhead German Staunton design, the chess pieces also need a storage facility, specially on your travels to prevent them rattling in the suitcase bag.

Our round and square chess sets have a push pull draw mechanism to hold the pieces within the foam grooves, followed by the foldable chess set which extends fully to give a large enough playing field.

The Square Size of the travel chess sets is just as important, the chess pieces should not overcrowd the area as a result of a small square size and should be in proportion to the chessmen provided.


The important factors involved with the weight of the chess board should be lightweight attribute and not take up much space, considering the customer would prefer this to be tightly controlled, this can very easily become a trade off between the quality of materials used and overall mass.

Based on our research each customer would only want this to be in the region of 1-3 Kg to prevent taking up much needed and precious baggage allowance.

We at Chessgammon have worked closely with our suppliers to crafts the board in such a way to prevent the weight of the chess board being raised, however at the same time ensuring the quality is not compromised.


The size and light weight nature of these chess sets is very important factor involved with a manufactured piece, however the compact characteristic of the chess set are just as crucial.

This both includes the magnetic nature of the travel chess set prevent the pieces flying off, however at the same time ensuring this magnetic strength is not uneven between the pieces.

Unfortunately it is far too common for magnetic chess sets to ruin the game and cause the pieces to be stuck with one another, taking on the feedback of you the chess players, our development has primarily been to make these travel chess sets larger in size but non-magnetic.


The storage capacity of travel chess sets are incredibly vital, the challenge of a lot of manufacturers is to offer this with any chess sets they provide, specially with you sat on your seat and hearing your chess pieces rattling in the overhead bins with a bit turbulence can be quite embarrassing.

Our chess sets include foam storage grooves to not only protect the chessmen from knocking into each other but a further note of providing grip.

Points to Think About:

A travel chess set should be a reasonable size for the opponents to play the number of games in comfort. Considering any chess player will want to think out their moves, it is no good having incredibly small chess boards giving you eye strain that you would rather give up the games.

Taking this into account and moving onto the chess men, the games you play will require you to easily notice the various pieces and therefore a these chess sets need to be of a large enough size.

Where Are Travel Chess Sets Made?

Our travel board games are crafted in Amritsar, the heart of all chess sets, these fine artisans use various woods to ensure the chess set is light in mass but made from a good quality source of woods.

These travel chess sets are made primarily from Sheesham wood, high in quality but at the same time lightweight to ensure you can carry very easily. The meticulous design of the surface involves these artisans spending days to place each piece by piece completely with their own hands to ensure you the customer receive the highest quality of handmade product.

Ofcourse these are not like the various knockoff travel chess sets available on the market from various sellers, that are very much plastic sets made in china.

Visit Us In Store

Viewing the product in person is incomparable, fortunately the use of images and description we can only paint a realistic picture.

However our customers are more than welcome to come down to Leicester and visit our shop in person, any questions are ofcourse welcome and this gives you the feel and touch of the range travel chess sets we have on show, before purchasing.

We ofcourse sell a varied number of games that are all set out on display for you to see before buying in shop. Furthermore we kindly ask our customers to notify us by giving a phone call before attending.

Our Service

Although a little harder to buy, we have used exceptionally high resolution images and very detailed descriptions with our products, however you can get on the phone to our kind experts in house and discuss your desired options.

Our in house members will be more than happy to give a breakdown of the pros and cons of our chess categories going page by page to help you find the ideal set before you checkout.

We also offer a live chat service allowing you to get in touch with us regarding any matter immediately and save time on replies via email. Our easy to navigate website will also allow you to sort products from price as well as sort by popularity.


We ship all orders within 1 working day via DPD’s exceptional service, offering your products to be delivered in no time allowing you to get on with your journey, our reviews of our chess shop very much speak for themselves with the service provided, a huge number of chess players now keep an account with us, making the process from selecting your desired chess product, adding this to your cart and checking out smoothly.

We also hold all stock in store and within our warehouse to guarantee you receive a safe and reliable delivery. our in house team can also provide further details should there be any hiccups with your purchase journey.