Metal Chess Set

Our metal chess set available in our collection have taken a vast amount of time to carve by our skilled artisans. These wonderful metal sets have a stunning look and a wonderful feel factor to them. Each metal piece has been carved with metal alloys and have a great deal of weight. These pieces also come with a smooth black velvet felt on the base to prevent any scratches to your metal chess board.

Our team have made sure that our boards are none but the best, competitive and affordable to purchase. These sets are readily available in the emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue. Our metal sets are made in Athens, Greece and take over a month to craft. We have a range of variable sizes available for you to select from. Our popular range of board has been the framed metal chess board, which allows you keep the pieces within the set itself.

These Greek mythological chess sets prove to be significantly popular with a number of different designs available, our most famous being the Roman Empire design. Each piece takes time and manual dexterity to craft with carefully prepared moulds.

These beautiful pieces come a handmade board that is plated with a solid metal alloy and base of wood to allow the metal surface to be carefully placed over. These board initially are surfaced on a wooden base with carefully applied metal stands with a beautiful Greek pattern. The board go off to be painted by hand, each and every single board will have minor imperfections, however knowing this, each of these boards has been carefully painted by hand. Our colours are carefully chosen with the popularity of design.

Long Lasting Metal Chess Sets

We have ensured that each and every element of your chess set has been build to meet our high standards. We are certain that all out sets are crafted to last many games of joy! These exceptionally luxury sets are built and due to our strong relationship, we are able to provide you with luxurious metal sets at affordable prices.

The metal chess sets go through a rigorous manufacturing process which results in them being finished with a long shelf life. The board base is crafted as support from mdf wood, however there is a thick metal plate over the top.

The boards themselves take upwards of 3 months to finish, we tend to forget that handmade can also be applied to these metal boards just the same way we expect wooden products to be handmade. The hardest part of the board is getting the right finish when it comes to the painting. We have a range of different colours, red, blue and green.

Metal Chess Pieces

We have used the best and highest quality of Metal alloy and bronze plated chess board from the Greece. Greek sculptors love to recreate these divine conflict through their art, this period was characterised by fierce local as well as international wars. These chess pieces are designed intricately with the finest mould and a eye to detail finish.

The aggressiveness of the Pawn and the Knight fully represent the ferocity of these wars. The posture of the King and Queen indicates their unquestionable leadership at the time. The Bishop reveals his consideration for the movements of the imminent battle.

Finally, the Castle is a reproduction of a pillar which characterised the architectural style during that period. These pieces have a beautiful finish and a soft velvet padding on the base to prevent any scratches or dents to the chess board, each piece has been carefully crafted to ensure it certainly meets to high quality inspections we have in place. The weight on these chess pieces is evident when in your hand with these particular chess sets.

Our Promise to You From Chessgammon

Although we predominantly specialise in products in our online chess store, we also invite our customers to come and visit our warehouse to view our luxury chess sets first hand. We are sure you will indeed not forget a chess set from Chessgammon whilst you play chess.

Delivery & Returns Assurance

We have also offered a free UK delivery on all of our products with the option for a free 30 day, no quibble no fuss returns policy. We ensure each and every piece that gets sent directly from our warehouse is checked one by one to make sure the set you play with has no defects and ofcourse with this will come many games of fun across the years.

Our great staunton chess sets all come with a king height at 3 3/4 inch and 2 queens to complete a full set of chess. Each piece that we include is of a good quality to ensure you the customer are completely satisfied with the product or products you have chosen from us.

Experience from Our Team

We at Chessgammon have many years and years of experience with chess sets, we indeed regards ourselves as professionals in the traditional games of chess and backgammon. Indeed to acquire such products and dealing with a vast network of our suppliers from around the globe, these years of experience certainly come in hand.

What this means for our customers is that they will receive a product with very high quality at very affordable and cheap prices. We ensure we get the products in from some of the most reputable suppliers. These suppliers have been in the board games market for a significant period of time and understand you to customer through and through.


Certainly at Chessgammon we part take in a large sale towards the end of the year to ensure you the customer can make ideal use during the festive seasons of black friday, cyber Monday and in preperation for Christmas. The sale is across all of our products of chess and backgammon including the accessories to make sure you have the right gifts for your friends and family.

The perfect time to purchase your handmade metal chess set!