Metal chess set

Our range involves the finest quality metal chess sets, this including both the metal chess pieces and the metal chess board. Each set is carefully manufactured taking time with great attention to detail by skilled craftsmen.

Seeing metal you would think this would likely be mass manufactured and you couldn’t be more incorrect. Each set you see in the Chessgammon metal chess set range is made by hand, each piece is inspected by hand and what you see is the art of a highly skilled artisan.

We have a varied collection of metal chess sets, the complete metal chess set, including metal chess pieces and metal chess board is crafted completely in Athens, Greece. We support the work of these local craftsmen by procuring their products, bringing what is available in Athens directly to you here in the United Kingdom.

Full Metal Chess set

These chess board visible in the metal chess sets use a wooden base and a thin metal alloy folded around by hand, craftsmen beat the metal into the shape you see. Each square is surrounded by a thin border allowing the pieces to fall within the square size.

The intricate part of the manufacturing process comes in when the boards are painted into the different style chess sets, vibrant colours of emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue as the primary colour. The additional colour used in conjunction with these primary colours is gold that fits well with the colours of the chessmen.

Nickel silver and gold plated brass chessmen are made with many different Greek mythology designs, these pieces take significant time to craft, we primarily specialise in the Roman Empire collection from the middle ages, we offer these with the board size of 18 inch, 13 inch and the very popular 11 inch chess set.

The chess pieces are carefully selected to match the size of the metal chess board. The largest set of these chess pieces has the king standing at 3.8 inch king height. Both the silver nickel and gold brass chess pieces made with fine quality,

Each of these metal pieces is crafted from moulds with amazing designs, the pieces are heavy in weight, preventing them from toppling during an intense game of chess. The metal pieces are also felted on the base in black, this allows the chess pieces to move smoothly across the board surface but more importantly this prevents the chess board surface getting damaged.

Metal Chess Pieces And Wooden Chess Boards

These wonderfully crafted wooden chess boards in stunning veneers are carefully crafted in Spain by skilled artisans, we use a whole host of different veneers with the chess boards we offer.


A wooden base is used to apply a thin layer of wood veneers, however the the solid wood veneers require more time and precision to be inlaid by hand. Firstly a craftsmen sticks these veneers by hand 1 by 1 and inspects this mosaic under light, before going ahead and applying to the wooden base.

The 3.8 inch king height chess pieces require a large championship sized wooden board, with a square size of 5 cm. The veneer is not only visible on the top surface but also applied across the base of the surface, each board finished off with the highest quality.

The surface is smooth and durable, the prime focus for you to play many games and create a great number of memories. The different solid wood veneers also feature alongside maple veneers as the lighter shade on the board surface

These exceptionally detailed metal sets can make the perfect gift for a family member or friends who have been wanting to purchase these themed Greek mythology bronze plated sets. The vast beauty of the metal sets falls under the luxury chess category, very popular with the chess community and fellow chess collectors.

Chess Pieces

Full set chess pieces are made from the most well known artisans from Greece. These pieces tell a story from many of the international wars, each designed intricately and the mould which take time to develop

The aggressiveness of the Pawn and the Knight fully represent the ferocity of these wars. The posture of the King and Queen indicates their unquestionable leadership at the time. The Bishop reveals his consideration for the movements of the imminent battle.

Finally, the Rook is a reproduction of a pillar which characterised the architectural style during that period. These pieces have a beautiful finish and a soft velvet padding on the base to prevent any scratches or dents to the board, each piece has been carefully made to ensure it certainly meets to high quality inspections we have in place.

What we offer?

At Chessgammon we pride ourselves on the service we provide, we ensure this is visible when customers first comes to our homepage.

You can reach out in a whole host of ways, from e-mail and phone but more importantly a live chat which will be on display at the bottom of your screen. A member of our team will attempt to reply to you as soon as possible. At Chessgammon expect luxury product range we have available at a very affordable price.

Product Range

Our aim at Chessgammon is provide the best and highest quality products on the market at a reasonable price, we stock a fine range of luxury chess and backgammon sets available to ship with a click of a button.

We search across many different countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy and many more to bring the best and supreme calibre of product. Our team spends significant time on bringing the products to you via the images seen on our website. We primarily specialise in chess sets, the vast number of chess sets available is incredibly large, possibly the largest chess set collection in Europe.


We offer a 30 day no quibble, no fuss returns policy allowing you to return the product if not satisfied after delivery. We will also take responsibility for the delivery should there be any issues regarding the product from our end. Ofcourse if you prefer a member of the will also provide you a return label under our insurance should you wish to return.


We work alongside a whole host of couriers, primarily involving DPD across large part of the United Kingdom and FedEx into Europe and internationally. We aim to deliver all good onto mainland UK within 3 working days and often this can even be within 24 hours as reported by many of our satisfied customers.

International Shipments

International delivery to any customer is set to a period of 5-7 working days due to a number of factors that can remain present out of our control.

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We hold all of our stock in Leicester, United Kingdom. Shipping directly from our warehouse as oppose to the commonly known technique of drop shipping. Any hiccups or issues you are more than welcome to get in touch via the many avenue of contacting us.

Your purchase features after sale customer service, this is so we can further improve on our products by taking on the feedback and leaving behind any previous issues. We are more than happy to show our elegant range in person, a vast number of products are set on display, complete chess sets and accessories.

In order to visit us, we kindly require you to book an appointment so we can ensure a member of the team can assist with any questions you may have, simply fill out a simple form of your email, name and contact number on our site.