Our Partners

Macassar Chess Set 20 Inch with Weighted Sheesham Zagreb Staunton Chess Pieces 3.75 Inch

We at Chessgammon use some of the finest suppliers from across the globe, ensuring you receive an extremely high quality product. This involves our team meeting these suppliers and hand checking their finishing and over the year we have continually filtered products away from our collection due to the feedback received from you the trusted customer. 

The aim behind using established suppliers is so that the product we provide holds up to our standard we expect. Knowing you have a brand such as us that deals with the best manufacturers and suppliers, it is with great pride we are able to offer close to over 500 products dispatched directly from our warehouse in Leicester.

Helena wood art with chessgammon

Helena Wood Arts, An extremely high end wooden chess and backgammon manufacturer that we have an incredibly close relationship with, our team has ensured we offer products from this fine eastern European supplier and meet the expectation of the western market. 

All products associated with Helena Wood Arts are crafted completely by hand by skilled artisans in Turkey, They are also credible for the fine and natural wood furnishing products they supply to Royals in the UAE

mother of pearl elevated chess board helena black
solid wooden backgammon set mahogany with backgammon pieces and shakers
manopoulos company and chessgammon

Another Fine supplier we work with their credibility is Manopoulos company, A well established brand, primarily for their backgammon sets, however also now renown for their chess products. Manopoulos Company is a family owned business in the hands of the 3rd generation, they carve and crafts the vast majority of their backgammon and chess sets completely by hand, their focus is on the high degree of finishing and ofcourse a large great attention to detail

Manopoulos company is also based in Greece, their factory runs just on the outer borders of Athens where a large portion of their production takes place.