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Backgammon Set

We are proud to say that we have the best selection of backgammon sets and backgammon boards available. The vast majority of backgammon boards have been converted from eastern european with the same design and with an instruction booklet. We offer the same wooden hand crafted design with the 4 regular dice and 1 doubling cube included in every set. Our boards take upto 6 months of work from our handpicked highly skilled artisans using the best natural wood such as walnut wood,mahogany wood, rose wood and ebony wood. Each piece has been hand inset in place over time, each piece has been handcut and therefore imperfections with a handmade set are always possible, however we have made sure we only supply the best of pieces available for you. We can assure that amongst our suppliers, Chessgammon has made sure that you as our customer receive the most high quality backgammon set, that will be lasting for many years to come.

Our backgammon sets are amongst the highest quality available in the United Kingdom at very competitive prices. We are ready to ship across the world offering very competitive rates to make sure you receive your backgammon set securely and quickly.

Our vast range of backgammon sets are available in a range of different styles and patterns, most of these backgammon sets are also compatible with our chess pieces under the 3 Inch designs. While we have our classic range awarded for the best affordability with wooden and acryic backgammon pieces. Although very affordable, we have made sure all of our sets never drop in their quality or in transit. Not only is our classic range good value for money, the premium and and luxury range of backgammon are crafted from solid walnut, ebony and rosewood. These backgammon sets have been manufactured in turkey and take a number of weeks to perfect to make sure the quality and longevity of each set meets the standard you expect from us.

Typical Backgammon Board?

We completely understand how difficult it may be to select the right type of backgammon set from such a large range, and therefore we have made it very easy for you with our categories to browse through and compare the differe t backgammon boards. Backgammon boards are most commonly crafted from a range of different woods that fold with a metal hinge in the centre. In actual fact the range of non-folding backgammon boards are very rare to find, most tournament boards have now shifted to a foldable form. Backgammon sets are typically in tournaments used a faux leather board with a velvet inner lining

Classic Range Backgammon

Our classic collection of backgammon sets have been designed in turkey by one of the leading giants in the backgammon industy Yenigun Tavla. These wonderful wooden backgammon boards come with a range of popular designs in mother of pearl, walnut and ancient being the well recognised designs. This wonderful line of backgammon sets has been converted from the eastern europeans style to suit the western market with hand selected boards specially for you as our loyal customer. These boards are accompanied with 35 mm diameter backgammon pieces, 4 regular dice and 1 doubling cube. Not only does the set come with an elegant velvet pouch but we also include a Chessgammon instruction booklet to allow you to gift a set and spread the game of backgammon. These backgammon sets have been popular to carry as travel, gift and even recreational bars to pass time, we have also supplied a range of high end independant restaurants.

Original Range Backgammon

The original collection of backgammon sets have been hand built from a range of high quality partners in Amritsar, India. We have acquired a range of different sizes from travel to tournament ranging from 10 inch to 20 inch with backgammon pieces to suit each size. These boards are hand carved and handinset by very skilled artisans, using none but the best and high quality of woods to make sure each set gets an authentic feel. The material used in these backgammon sets is a combination of sheesham,ebony,teak, rosewood and boxwood. Each backgammon pieces has been crafted from sheesham and boxwood and presented in an elegant velvet maroon pouch. We have made sure that you receive a product of the highest quality that lasts many years of use and therefore our original range provides just this, a backgammon board, made of solid wood that allows you to use both at home or on your travels. Feel free to have s browse through our vast selection of sizes and our wonderful team is always on hand to aid you with any queries you may have.

Leather Backgammon Range

Our high quality leather backgammon boards have been particularly designed and selected specially based on their quality. These boards have a rare and exquisite inlaid felt, rare to find with leather backgammon boards and therefore no stitching is found on the inlaid felt, allowing a smooth transition of the backgammon pieces

from point to point. We have made sure we stock a large range of these backgammon sets for you to select from, providing you with these backgammon sets at the most affordable prices. The backgammon pieces and dices included with this type of backgammon set are acrylic with the option to have 35 mm and 40 mm chips. The felt is designed in such a way to absord the noise created by the bounce of the dices, it is these boards that would predominantly be used in famous backgammon championships around the world. The most common size used in these championships is our largest 21″ board that comes with 40 mm backgammon chips. This allows you enjoy a game with a large and speceous board with vibrant red, white and green colours.

Premium Range Backgammon

Our premium collection of backgammon board has been supplied to us by our manufacturer in Turkey. These backgammon sets take upwards to 6 months to make and require a large amount time due to each piece being hand set, most of these boards also include mother of pearl inlays within the board and on the inner sides. These boards are perfectly manufactured and we have gone through each board to make sure the wood used is compatible with the British weather. We make sure these boards do not go on to warp, making sure we provide nothing but the best and highest quality. These boards also come with 4 regular dice and doubling cube with backgammon pieces, all of which placed safely in a velvet pouch. Our vast range of boards also come in multiple sizes, ranging from as small as 9 inch to 20 inch boards helps in stock in our warehouse.

Luxury Backgammon Range

Our luxury backgammon range are provided to us by our manufacturer Helena Wood Arts, based in Turkey. Our excellent relationship with our manufacturer allows us to provide you with affordable backgammon sets that do not compromise at all on the quality. These luxury backgammon boards are made from solid walnut, ebony and rosewood and each again handcrafted by skilled artisans. Each board shows the level of craftsmanship involved and again we have selected the boards with highest quality to suit you the customers and collectors. We are more than happy to bespoke orders with special request and have done so in the last, any bespoke orders will take a longer time period and would be best to reach out to us via our live chat or email to receive a quote.