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At Chessgammon you can search through our collection of backgammon sets, chess sets and chess pieces required for the budget you may have.

Our team have made sure that each backgammon set is finished to an incredibly high degree and by maintaining the standards, we also pick the biggest and high profile game manufacturers who carve and craft these backgammon sets.

The backgammon boards available in our collection, but a slight catch, each board includes a complete set of dice, dice shakers and for good measure an instruction booklet. We are now the leading provider of chess and backgammon sets in the UK, initially starting from eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

However our team will not stop here, we ofcourse take on many recommendations and aim to work with some of the finest brands in Europe, stocking their accessories and sell a large number of products in their line.

What should a Backgammon set Include?

Our high quality backgammon sets should include all the accessories without the need for you to find anything, for all purposes, travel or even perhaps to have fun with the family.

A backgammon set should have a high degree surface and it is with the board game where the foundation starts, it is no good in having a surface that will wear over time.

At Chessgammon we have invested in both wood and leather backgammon as the primary surface to play on, furthermore this surface should have the right shade of backgammon points allowing you to distinguish between the two colours. The vast majority of backgammon sets should also include dice cups, dices, doubling dices and an instruction booklet for the novice starting out the game.

Backgammon Board Sizes

We include multiple sizes to search from, anywhere from 10 inch to the large 21 inch championship size board. The tournament size comes in the 21 inch size, these are normally leather of felted to deafen the sound of dices when they drop on the surface. Often the tournament boards are non foldable and a complete flat surface to play on.

However in contract to the tournament size backgammon sets, the travel and more commonly known foldable wooden backgammon sets styles tend to be popular to play along on your travels.

Our Categories

Classic Designs backgammon sets

We largely stock a starter range of backgammon sets which is classic designs, primarily from both Turkey and Greece, we combine with Manopoulos to provide some of the finest overlay design backgammon sets. These wonderful sets are crafted from MDF wood and include a wonderful design to finish the interior and exterior. The exterior is perfect for to play the game of chess and can be played with 3.5 inch chess pieces.

Leather Range backgammon sets

Our wonderful line of leather sets have been particularly designed and selected specially based on their quality. We have made sure we stock a large range of these backgammon sets for you to select from, providing you with these backgammon sets at the most affordable prices.

The backgammon pieces and dices included with this type of backgammon board are acrylic with the option to have 35 mm and 40 mm chips. The felt is designed in such a way to absorb the noise created by the bounce of the dices, it is these sets that would predominantly be used in famous backgammon championships around the world, perfect for enthusiasts seeking to master their skill.

Original Range backgammon sets

We have acquired a collection of different sizes from travel to tournament ranging from 10 inch to 14 inch with backgammon pieces to suit each size. These sets are hand carved and hand inset by very skilled artisans, using none but the best and high quality of woods to make sure each set gets an authentic feel. The material used in these backgammon sets is a combination of sheesham, ebony, teak, rosewood and boxwood.

Each backgammon pieces has been crafted from sheesham and boxwood and presented in an elegant velvet maroon pouch. A wonderful set that you can carry on your travels and very easily you are able to pack up and fold away.

Luxury Range backgammon sets

Our luxury backgammon range are provided to us by our manufacturer Helena Wood Arts, based in Turkey. These luxury backgammon boards are made from solid walnut, ebony and rosewood and each again handcrafted by skilled artisans. Each board shows the level of craftsmanship involved and again we have selected the boards with highest quality to suit you the customers and collectors.

Executive Range

Our Most recent addition to our collection has been the executive range backgammon boards supplied to us by Manopoulos Company based in Greece. These fantastically hand veneered boards crafted with extreme precision have proved very popular and come in a whole host of different veneers of walnut, mahogany and oak. Each Board comes with a fantastic inlaid design on both sides of the board and the make of the backgammon board is second to none.

Our Service

We are the UKs leading suppliers for quality backgammon sets. We are reachable via our website, across live chat, email and phone, our customers will not only receive a fine level of service before purchase, but even more so after purchase. We are proud to help each and every customer and welcome everyone who is able to pop down locally and browse through our collection. Our site allows you to create your very own account and track the delivery progress after sale.


We aim to ship all products within a period of of 24 hrs, typically we expect the customer to receive this within 72 hrs across London and mainland united kingdom. We provide free delivery for customers in the united kingdom. We would like to post to our international customer base as well as in London and the UK, so we do in fact offer world wide shipping.