Chess Board

Chess Board

Chess Board Material Type

Although a standard chess board can look very simply to select and even construct, there can be a handful of factor we have got to take into account. We initially have to take into account the actual structure of the chess board and this usually involves us talking about the materials available to to construct the board. We can indeed construct a board from bits of card, paper and a pencil but indeed there is no fun in this.

Certainly we have to talk about the information we have available to us from the history books. Centuries ago chess boards may have come in the form of slate or even parts of large stones to play.

Wooden chess sets

Indeed the common and more popular form is hand crafted wooden chess boards, this is due to characteristics the material wood actually presents where wooden chess board can be crafted with ease but craftsmanship can be easily expressed. Wood tends to be the best choice in material with a vast number of chess fanatics due to it’s matching ability with staunton chessmen.

The material of your chess board

Around the world indeed a wooden chess set will be the more favourable, this often should also come with a chess storage box and we at Chessgammon have ensured as the premier chess shop in the united kingdom for well made hand carved chess sets. We have established ourselves as the number one backgammon set shop in the united kingdom.

These chess sets will commonly be accompanied with staunton wooden chessmen with varying sizes that can available in a lighter boxwood shade for the white pieces and darker sheesham shade for the other pieces. Indeed when it comes to the board itself, other common materials that can be preferred are indeed metal chess boards with shiny metallic surfaces. These chess boards and chess sets are manufactured in Greece and certainly a number of the chess boards available in our metal chess set range are indeed manufactured in Athens.

What do our chess boards have?

These chess boards, due to the characteristics of metal are durable and care needs to be taken not to sustain any scratches or dents with the metal top finish on the surface. We have ensured that the metal pieces that accompany each chess board have a padded layer of felt to prevent any such damage to your chess boards.

The features are ofcourse included free as part of a well made chess set and we have made sure that the price these chess sets are available for are very reasonable and competitive for the best experience.

These sets will have plenty of years of durable use and plenty games of playing chess with ease. Other common materials that are used on chess boards can also resin dye and leather for highly luxury chess boards, unfortunately we at Chessgammon do not stock a range of these materials due to the sheer expense of these materials falling extremely into the luxury category, however we do plan to introduce these materials into our range we currently already have.

Chess Boards Type & Different Size Structure

Moving onto the various shapes and size of chess board that you would like to choose. There is indeed a range of different chess boards available and these specifically fall into a travel chess set or a flat/ luxury chess set. A flat/luxury chess set as mentioned above will involve a well crafted board and accompanied chessmen, to finish off this will also include a free storage box to keep the pieces safe. This type of chess set will determine the size required, commonly a tournament size chess set board will fall into this particular category.

These particular wooden chess boards will be large in size and will in soem way require a complementary set of pieces to ensure you do not have a mismatch of chessmen. These types of chess boards will require a proportional amount of room and ideally a coffee table to be placed to allow you play with a family member or a friend. Chess championship tournaments will often use these flat boards as they are large with weighted pieces to allow a comfortable game of chess. It’s a great choice for you advanced chess players out there!

Travel chess sets

However if you are on the go and would like a travel chess set, do not worry, we have many options available in our classic chess range and our original chess range. The chess boards will be more compatible and smaller in size to ensure they are not a hindrance to your journeys. They can also be a valid purchase for those constantly on the move and would like a set that can all be compact and can easily be carried around.

The storage space of our chess sets

Indeed we have a wide variety of boards where pieces can be placed away in a draw just under the board or be placed in a soft velvet pouch in a foldable board so that you can find the right chess board for you. Commonly the pieces found in these sets will not be weighted, due to the fact weighted pieces can mean further mass may be added onto your luggage.Finding the right board to match the chessmen is not the easiest task, specially considering the collection available.

The size and shape of a chess board

The board should not only be the correct size but needs to have a feel good factor with the chess pieces to ensure you have a fantastic game of chess with a fabulous new chess set! A vast majority of collectors will know the exact type of board they are after with the more popular boards range from 20 – 22″. The simple reason why this size is important is because a tournament size of each square should be within an ideal 2 – 2.5″ to satisfy an easy calculation for the next move.

These measurements are indeed used in world championship chess tournaments by grand masters to ensure the chessmen can move freely. A more recent invention will be DGT crafted board where movements of the pieces can be tracked on a larger screen to allow a large audience to view the game.

Chess Board Styles, Mother of Pearl & Borders

We have no discussed the size and indeed the material of the board. We have yet to discuss the styles of chess boards available. This will predominantly involve the wooden chess boards. A range of board will come in many different styles but the functionality of them remains the same. Mother of Pearl is one of those materials that is commonly used in wooden chess boards in the middle east and it is actually inlaid into the wooden boards.

What is mother of pearl?

The mother of pearl describes the shell used that often shines when a chess board is held at a particular angle or under certain shades of lighting. This piece of material is and organic-inorganic composite produced on the inner linings of shells found on the seabed. There is a common misconception of this particular material being brittle, however this is quite the opposite, mother of pearl is actually a very strong and resilient piece of material.

Often this material is used in luxury items such as jewellery, chess sets as well as furniture. This piece of material again can take a large period of time to prepare and each piece has to be cut with precision to inset and set by hand into each and every individual standard chess board. The mother of pearl often signifies an item of high value and therefore is used as show of a luxury product to increase it’s value.

The can be found embedded within the wood board by skills artisans that requires a long period to craft these particular pieces. Ofcourse with any product that is crafted by hand there will be minor differences, we at Chessgammon have used a very rigorous quality to control to filter out any defective pieces by checking each pieces one by one before it is dispatched ready to be sent off for delivery.

Notations and no Notations

The border found on a chess board can also vary, many well made chess boards will have a small border varying to a much larger and commonly those beginning would begin with chess boards with notations.

These notation(files and ranks) allow a starter chess player to learn more easily and more information on this can certainly be found on our ‘how to play chess’ page. Boards can also come with stands or just velvet padding that can be attached to the base of a wood board. The stand of the board will signify the quality of the wooden chessboard itself. Certainly this will add weight to the board itself and would look great with a number of luxury chessmen.

Chess Pieces Compatibility & Sizes

Those in pursuit of a chess board compatible for their very own chessmen will know how difficult the hunt is to find the correct board. We can ensure you that we have a collection large enough to satisfy any chess piece. A general rule of thumb to prevent an overlap of any chess pieces beyond the square is roughly 75-80%, beyond this point the chess board is either too big or the chessmen are too large for that particular chess board.

The type of chess board is very important for the same pieces you would like to include. Certainly it would be a mismatch to have a luxury board with a low quality set of chess pieces and on the other hand it would non-compatible to have a small board for highly luxurious chessmen. There is no set type of chess pieces of any specific designs used in tournament, it will always come down to preferences.

Executive Range Chess Boards

Our executive range are primarily manufactured in Spain. The process of manufacturing of this particular type of chess board to suit the many chess sets available on the market today will involve taking a replicated pattern from world championship chess tournaments. The vast number of veneers are indeed imported in sheet of natural wood, almost resembling the skin of the board. This part of the veneer is indeed real wood and is placed on the chess board itself. of the sixty four squares, the light coloured squares are made up normally of maple wood also known as boxwood and the dark woods consist of mahogany, walnut, ebonywood and so on. if you prefer the dark brown colour, walnut is a colder dark brown whereas mahogany and rosewood are warmer dark brown colours.

We have a wide variety of shapes and sizes with our boards and also include a number of wood types because it is important that you can find the right board just for you. Young players and old players alike, we have boards that can suit anyone tailored to your wants and needs.

The veneer is cut into small squares and borders dependant on the size, style and the shape of the chess board itself. Each part of the veneer is made up by hand with a special tape to hold each part of the veneer together. This point onward the veneer is hand inspected with the naked eye and under illuminated light to check for any defects under the veneers. This veneer is then layered on top of the board to give a wonderful feel.

These hand veneered chess boards are precisely cut to shape and hand checked, ensuring each board has the finest quality. These boards will be the most common to come across in the world specially in world championship chess tournaments. Our wooden chess boards are made from from a whole host of different materials, this including mahogany, walnut, olive and ebony. These different designs would be a perfect fit for your chess pieces, after all there is little point in having a luxury set of chessmen and a basic board to complete their chess sets.

Premium Range Chess Boards

This particular category of chess boards is particularly new due to the style of chess board we have in stock. These boards are quite rare to find in the United Kingdom due to type of craftsmanship they have undertaken. These boards have taken over a period 6 weeks to manufacture whereas most chess board will take a process of a few days to manufacture.

Due to the vast carvery and work gone into the chess board, they will be rare to find across the nation. These boards are again available in a whole host of sizes, perfectly compatible for your tournament chess pieces of 3 and 3/4 inches. Our luxury range of chess boards are hand carved and inset with highly skilled artisans in turkey. These boards primarily involve real mother of pearl insets in solid Walnut, Rosewood and Ebony wood. A fine surface to place your exquisite wooden chess stones and make the perfect board games night for playing chess and all of your favourite games!

We don’t unfortunately stock plastic boards at this time however we do have a wonderful variety of storage board sets where you are able to store the pieces inside the storage board itself. We are also not equipped with a wooden chess demo board for casual play however we are open to visits so that you are able to see the sets and have a better feel of them. We are happy to accomdate for our customers in any way that you need help.