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Classic Range Backgammon

Backgammon sets for sale

What makes a good backgammon set?

A good backgammon set contains sharp triangles, a smooth surface, lightweight counters and usually a very easy to move foldable board. Backgammon is another game, alongside chess, that has been around for centuries.

It’s one of the oldest games about involving the thrill and excitement that a good board game should have. We tend to provide all of our games sets with all the accessories that you may require. You will receive a set of dice including a doubling dice, shakers, pieces and even a ‘how to play’ manual.

Our Classic Range Backgammon Set

This specific range of classic designs includes new styles that been constructed by Manopoulos company in Greece and others are our old classic designs which are also very popular. This range involves a lot of budget boards and sets for our customer base looking to spend a modest amount and still receive something well put together and beautiful. we are proud of the selection we have on our site as it includes such a great variety to tailor for all of your needs.

inside american walnut backgammon board and dicesmarble backgammon set

How is it made?

This backgammon set selection, being our economy range, is made from MDF wood and the designs and names of the sets are simply referring to the print on the surface of the board. Despite this, the boards hold an amazing and high quality look and finish to them, and have a fantastic design on each and every set.

We also have categories that include luxury backgammon sets, travel backgammon sets, 2 in 1 and many many more. If you are after a slightly higher level backgammon set, our Helena range including mother of pearl inlay is absolutely stunning.

chess and backgammon set inlaid wooden helena colourful

Backgammon Board

Why is the board important?

A backgammon board is integral to the entire set. Some customers prefer something a lot more minimalistic and simple whereas others will prefer something with extravagance.

We have fantastic styles in stock where we pride the elegance and beauty in these sets. We are sure our audience will absolutely love the items we sell and if there are any issues at all then we are more than happy to help you resolve any issues.

The board is lightweight and easy to travel with, it closes with a clasp in the case of the Manopoulos sets however the rest are magnetic.

Traditional Board Games

Board games are far from just toys, these traditional games we stock are a lot more sophisticated and are a beautiful display for your home. Find the best ideal chess and backgammon games here at Chessgammon for all of you who are seeking great fun and excitement.

Many people are content with their books to read and day outs and PlayStation but what people love about a good board game is how it brings everyone together, allows families to spend quality time with one another and builds bonds.

Why not start today and purchase your very own backgammon set?

Our Promise at Chessgammon

What We Do?


We pride ourselves in being the leading suppliers of quality chess and backgammon games for our customers. We ensure we order only the best games from around the world, tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

Our games are far from just toys but are rather novelty games that can be used for play and also as a treasured display in your homes.

We provide our backgammon sets with all the specific accessories that may be required to play the game with ease. Our pieces are well defined and polished and we ensure all orders also have how to play manuals in order to provide our customers with all the information they may require.

Price, Price, Price

At Chessgammon we are extremely conscience about the price of our products, we ensure to maintain great relationships with our suppliers directly in order to strive and push for the price point, this further allows us to forward these discounts onto you the customer.

Our site

We started out on all platforms initially including Etsy, eBay and many other platforms. We decided to set up our very own website and allow customers the ease of being able to open an account to check on purchases and enter their own details for ease of purchase. We also have categories to filter all of our stock into their ideal departments.

Our Promise

We are sure you may have seen an ad here and there for good quality backgammon however we can assure you that our stock is by far the best quality and can be used day in day out with minimal wear. Open the board and see for yourself the beauty and quality of the design and make.