Personalised Chess Sets and Backgammon Sets 

In July 2022, Chessgammon launched its brand-new personalisation service for customers. With the holiday season looming over, we wanted to equip ourselves with all the tools you may need for a successful gift-giving season. 

What makes a good Christmas gift? Something that is thoughtful and sentimental. Not only do we want the gift to be something the giftee wants but we also want it to seem as though we really went out of our way to make it special. What better way to do this than personalise the gift? Now, with our plate engraving service, you can add a special touch to any set before gifting it to your loved one. 

We use the best technology available to provide accurate and gorgeous engraved solid brass plates. These are provided with an adhesive peel on the back that will allow you to place this plate wherever you like on your chosen luxury chess or backgammon set. 


How to Personalise your Set 

Firstly, take the time to find the item you’d like to purchase. If you’re buying a gift for a loved one and need help in deciding what to buy, have a read of our Ultimate guide for Christmas gifts article. 

The personalisation option is available on selected items. When you navigate to the item page, just above the ‘add to cart’ button will be a check box for addition of an engraving for £7.99. 

Tick this check box and enter the message you would like (character limit of 100). This message will be engraved exactly as typed out so please be careful and proofread your message before placing your order.  


Fonts and Sizes 

We have a variety of fonts available on our website for engravings. On each item page, if you locate the ‘more information’ button above the add engraving checkbox, you will see a pop up of all of the available fonts we have and how they look. 

Use this preview to choose your preferred font. The size will depend entirely on the message, if it is a shorter message, it will inevitably be larger. We bring the text as close to the margin as we can so larger messages will be made smaller to fit suitably on the engraving plate. 

These are the fonts available to choose from: 

If you would like to request for anything additional such as symbols, changes to lettering or multiple fonts then please get in touch with us directly via email. 




Where to Place the Engraved Plate 

Width= 80cm        Height= 20cm 

The brass plates are sized to be compatible with most of our boards. They are best placed on the border of a flat chess board or on the outside of a folding chess or backgammon set, as seen in the examples below.



Return and Refund 

We provide all our engraved plates separately from the board itself. This means you will be able to attach the personalised plate on to the board you have purchased wherever you like. We urge our customers to ensure the board is to their liking before any attachment of the brass plate. If the brass plate is attached, then the item is deemed non-refundable. This way, we can accept returns and refunds on the chess or backgammon set if it has not been personalised yet. 

In either case, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the engraved plate unless there was a fault in the engraving itself such as spelling errors or faulty engravings.  



Personalised Message Ideas for Chess and Backgammon 


If you’re not looking to personalise your set with holiday greetings or happy birthday messages, but rather something chess-related and quirky, you’re in luck. We have compiled some creative engraving messages that may be perfect for you: 

  • Property of Grandmaster [Insert Name] 
  • [Insert Name]’s Gambit 
  • [Insert Name]’s Chess/Backgammon Tournament [Insert Year]
  • Life is like a Game of Chess/Backgammon 
  • Move in silence, only speak when it’s time to say Checkmate 
  • Every Chess Master was once a Beginner 
  • The Next World Champion: [Insert Name


Why Should you Personalise your Set?


In recent years, personalised goods have completely taken over the gifting market by storm. Most novelty goods are available personalised to appeal to the global market. The reason for this is because items can be made a lot more special for such small added costs. You no longer need to go out of your way to obtain an extraordinary gift but rather just add a special touch to something you’re planning to purchase.  

Personalised chess sets and engraved backgammon sets are the most thoughtful gift for someone who is a games fanatic. They will not only play with your gift for years, but they will always be reminded of you when they see that special engraved message carefully place on their beloved set. 

If the purchase is for yourself, then personalisation is still a fantastic choice for you. Having your favourite chess set engraved with your name, your favourite chess moves or even your favourite quotes will add sentimental value that will last a lifetime.