Backgammon Pieces

Indeed an integral part of a backgammon set is the backgammon pieces. Any backgammon player would tell you how important a good set of pieces are to a backgammon set. We have ensured our backgammon sets have highest quality of backgammon pieces, we ensure any defective pieces are filtered out through our rigorous quality control and you get none but the best. Our backgammon pieces in this section are sold separately, firstly our acrylic set of backgammon pieces come in a total quantity of 30 pieces(15 of each colour). We also include a range of wooden backgammon pieces and a set of Helena wooden backgammon pieces that are indeed produced by Helena Wood arts. These backgammon pieces come in a branded soft burgundy velvet felt drawstring pouch. Not only do we include the bag and the pieces, we also include a complete set of dices. 4 regular dice(2 of each colour) and ofcourse the doubling dice which allows you to double the stakes of your backgammon game. Indeed in these particular sets the doubling cube is the most valuable due to it’s rarity. This cube is only sold at extortionate prices with a few suppliers, due to our relationships we are able to source these sets and provide them to you the customer at affordable prices.

Dice Set

We completely understand that a game of backgammon is almost rendered useless, without the relevant number dices. All our replacement dice sets come with 4 regular dices and 1 doubling dice. We have a range of colours to select from, our popular being the set of white and black. These again are accompanied with a soft velvet pouch to keep safe and sound. We have made sure these dice sets are of good quality, after all they will go through a significant amount of wear.